New Chapter of Imitation & Alchemy

IMG_2495There’s a new chapter of Imitation and Alchemy posted under Free Fiction. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend! You can find the chapter link HERE. You can also add the novella on Goodreads now.

From Imitation & Alchemy: Chapter Two…

“Brother Zeno?”

“Why do you bother me?” Zeno roared. “Can you not see that I am working?”

The priest flinched. “There is a… person here to see you and your guest.”

“Who?” Zeno frowned. “I’m not expecting anyone.”

“She was most insistent.”

“Is it my wife?”

“No,” the priest said quickly. “Though I have not met the signora, I am sure—”

The young man broke off when surprised shouts echoed down the hallway. Tenzin flew over the young priest’s head, shoving him down and landing in front of Zeno with a smile.

“Oh,” Zeno said. “It’s you. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Nobody expect me!” she said.

“Or the Spanish Inquisition,” Ben muttered.


Ben cleared his throat. “Nothing, Tiny. Why are you here?”

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