Thankful for so much.

A thing to know about me: I am still somewhat astonished that I get to write stories and people will pay me to do that. Not to dismiss the amount of work that I put into my books—because I do a lot of planning and research, along with the actual WRITING of the thing—but so do many other wonderful writers who are still working day jobs or writing for the love of it, but not making much money.

To put it more simply, I’m incredibly grateful that my hard work has coincided with enough luck to enable me to make writing my full time job.

And you, my readers, are a huge part of that, so I thank you. I hope you know how appreciative I am for your support and goodwill. How flattered I am when you tell me you’ve recommended my books to friends or family or even (wow!) students. I read all your emails and comments here on the website. I’m not always the best about returning your notes, but I read every one and I love hearing from you.

That said, I do think it’s a good time for me to take a bit of a break from social media and the like. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. A bit disconnected from family life. 2015 has seen three full novels and two novellas from this writer. Two of them, The Secret and Waking Hearts, are some of my longest books to date.

I’ll be doing a big Cambio Springs promotion next week to celebrate the release of Waking Hearts before I head to a writers’ retreat next week to finish up Imitation & Alchemy. I’ll continue to post chapters every Saturday on the blog, but I’ll be taking more time off through the holidays for family.

And after I finish Imitation & Alchemy… I honestly don’t know! It’s the first time in about three years that I haven’t had a detailed writing schedule laid out a year or even longer in advance. I know that I’ll be writing the next Cambio Springs book featuring Sean Quinn in the fall, but before that, I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Please don’t fear that this is writer’s block. Ideas are never the problem! It’s just what order I’m going to get to them. I’d really like to bring the Elemental World elixir storyline to a close so I can focus on the Elemental Legacy series with Ben and Tenzin. So next year might focus on the Elemental World series before I can get back to Irin world.

But I promise I haven’t forgotten Irin world. I just need to take a break for a bit. Elemental readers probably remember that I took quite a long break after Carwyn’s book so I didn’t burn out on that fictional universe, so rest assured that I’ll come back to Irin for sure.

So, for now, I’ll be saying: See you later. Not goodbye, because I still do have some stuff to post as it comes on the blog, but for those of you used to seeing me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be seeing less of me in the coming months. Hopefully, this will let me get back to writing life refreshed for the coming year.

I hope my American readers have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, and I hope you’re all enjoying the roll into Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. My lights are already up, but we’re waiting on the tree. And I’ll be seeing you here and there so be merry.

All the best, Elizabeth

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  1. Enjoy your well-earned break. So enjoying Waking Hearts – it’s as comforting as hot chocolate on a cold day and excruciatingly frustrating all at the same time! Have loved everything you write. You’ll be missed but no doubt there’s lots more very good things to come.

  2. Dear Elizabeth,
    I absolutely love all the books you write and own all of them and have read and reread most of them many times. Enjoy your break as you really do deserve it. Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to your next book..

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed Waking Hearts but I enjoy all your work, Kick back and enjoy your break we will still be here when you feel the time is right to return to the maddening world of social media. Reconnect with your family and friends because we all need ‘people’ to help us keep grounded sometimes if nothing else.

  4. Elizabeth

    No need to apologise. You work extremely hard and it about time you had some “me” time.

    I’m sure that when you come back you will be rested and refreshed and raring to get back to bringing us more fantastic stories.

    Have a great Xmas and new year.

    Lots of love and grateful thanks for mine and my families enjoyment of your books, from your fans in NE England.

    Best regards Jacquie

    A B and Gio fan! More please! …Sent from my iPhone


  5. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season! Enjoy your time (and Star Wars!). Can’t wait to see what you bring us next.

  6. Finished Waking Hearts yesterday and absolutely loved it. I was hoping that Sean Quinn would be next so am very excited to read his story. Thank you for all your wonderful books. So far I haven’t found any that I didn’t love. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ll look forward to whatever you write next!

  7. That’s great you’re taking a break and spending time with family. There’s nothing more important. Your books are great and I love all the series. Have a great holiday season.

  8. I stayed up rather late last night to finish Waking Hearts, and thought it was the best yet from Cambio Springs. About half way through I began to think that Sean Quinn looked promising for the next installment, and I’m so pleased to hear that will be the case. It would be great to hear about his travels as well as his life in Cambio Springs. I look forward to whatever you are inspired to write next. Best wishes to you and you family for Christmas, and for a happy and prosperous New Year.

  9. Nourish your soul…Refresh and renew your mind and heart…reconnect with your self and your family. When you’re ready, we’ll be here. Anything you write is worth waiting for. Peace.

  10. A well deserved break. I have always marveled at how prolific you are! Replenish your soul, love your family, and nest for as long as you need. Nothing is as important for YOU, as yourself and your family. I will just re-read all of your “stories”, and patiently wait. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

  11. A lot of authors are putting their books on sale now but I too feel the need to stay off the computer except for maybe once a week during the holidays though I’ll kick my behind in January when I see all the sales I missed but my daughter and grandkids are more special at this time of year,they are so young and get so excited it makes me feel younger!!

  12. Elizabeth, enjoy your well deserved rest. Family, no matter how you define, it is important. You have said this in so many ways in all your books. Thanks for the new Waking Hearts and I’m looking forward to each new chapter of Imitation & Alchemy.

  13. Your wonderful characters and your faithful readers will be here when you are ready. Sending many blessings of joy and good health to you and your loved ones. Merry part, until we meet again.

  14. Enjoy. A cool part of books is the fact that characters continue to “live” on and entertain; new readers and re-readers alike. It is easy to miss (or ignore) the queues in life that remind us of where we need to be and when we need to be there.

    Be well, live well.

    Best wishes

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