Imitation & Alchemy: Chapter One unlocked #freefiction

Imitation & Alchemy - 3DHey all! You thought I forgot about Benzin Saturday, didn’t you? I didn’t. Just had a bit of traveling to do. I’m in sunny Santa Monica and it’s very, very warm. Kind of odd, really.

I know some of you were clicking madly on the “Chapter One” link you could see in the drop down menu for I&A, so you’ll be happy to know that it’s unlocked now! You can find it posted here.

Don’t forget, Waking Hearts releases on Tuesday for you Cambio fans, and so far the advance reviews have been really good.

From Imitation & Alchemy: Chapter One…

“I missed you,” she said.

“Why did you get a boyfriend then?” He smiled at her when she looked up. “I can’t kiss you—well, I can’t kiss you as much—if you have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t want a boyfriend who lives in California most of the year.” She pouted. “I am not made for a long-distance lover, Ben.”

“You could move to LA.”

“And you could move to Rome.”

They both grinned at the same time.

Enjoy Chapter One, and I’ll see you on Tuesday for the Waking Hearts release!


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