Waking Hearts #teaser, random book news, and a BIG #giveaway.

35 Days of Ollie-5I have a delicious new teaser for you from Waking Hearts today. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO READ THIS BOOK! I mean, I’m always excited for you to read my books, but Cambio fans have been waiting a looooong time to get Ollie and Allie’s story, so there’s extra anticipation in the mix. So without further ado, here’s the Waking Hearts teaser!

WITH three quick phone calls, Ollie had Vicky cleaning at her house, his cousins picking up the younger kids from the bus while Kevin did his shift at the feed store, and Jim covering the bar until Ollie and Allie could get there at six. Then he’d piled her in the truck and headed toward the Blackbird Diner.

“I’m guessing you haven’t eaten today.”

“I’ve had coffee.”

“Coffee is not a meal, Allison.”

“Now who’s acting like a mom?”

He smiled. “Don’t pout. Or do. It’s kinda cute.”

Allie couldn’t help that her body heated, she just hoped he didn’t notice.

“You need to stop. Talking like that is just going to fuel the rumors that are probably already flying.”

He shrugged. “Let ‘em fly. I don’t care.”

“Men never do.”

“And women care too much.” He parked at the diner and turned to her with a gleam of mischief in his eyes. “Tell the truth: are you ashamed of me, Allie? Is it my… rough reputation?”

“Oh please…” She reached for the door handle, only to have Ollie grab her hand. “Ollie, what—”

He’d leaned across the cab of the Bronco, reaching one tattooed arm to the door while he grabbed her other hand and held it between them. She was trapped against him, her mouth inches from his and his chest pressed up against her racing heart.

“What are you doing?” she gasped.

“You should let me open the door for you.”

Breathe, breathe, breathe, Allie. Do not tackle the giant grizzly and wrestle him into the backseat to have your way with him.

“Why? I can open my own door.”

“Because it’s nice. I like being nice to you,” he said a moment before he brushed a feather-light kiss over the corner of her mouth. “And that door can stick.”

With a hard shove that pressed their bodies even closer, he shoved open the passenger door.
But he didn’t move away.

“Ollie,” she said, glancing at a couple walking into the diner that had stopped to watch the show.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “you definitely care too much what other people think.”

“We can’t all be big bad grizzly bears like you.”

The corner of his mouth curled up. “Who said I was bad?”

“I did.”

“And I haven’t even done anything to earn it.” He leaned back to his side of the truck. “Yet.”

And there it is, ladies and gentleman. The bear does have his moves, even if they’re the quiet, somewhat grunting type of moves. But he’s Ollie, so we love him. You can preorder WAKING HEARTS at the link.

Random Book News

I was telling my assister, Gen, the problem with having an active author page on Facebook and a blog at the same time is that you never really know what you’ve announced where. I DID announce The Scarlet Deep audio here, but I did not announce that I have two new paperbacks available. These are both for shorter works, so they’re exclusive to Amazon and Createspace so that I can keep the price down.

BronzeBlade_3DBaWM 3D PNGOne is my Gothic Romance novella duo with Grace Draven, Beneath a Waning Moon, and the other is The Bronze Blade, which has been available in e-book for over a year now, but I’ve held off on putting out in paperback. It’s available now, so you can buy it if you want the whole Elemental World collection.


Beneath a Waning Moon paperback is HERE.

The Bronze Blade paperback is HERE.


And that’s it! I just ordered extra paperbacks of both of these, so I’ll be giving one of each away to someone here on the blog. Just leave a comment to enter, and I’ll be picking THREE winners tomorrow evening. One for The Bronze Blade paperback, one for the Beneath a Waning Moon paperback and one for an ARC of WAKING HEARTS. (Open to international entries.)

All the best, Elizabeth

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  1. I would love to actually have a paperback of one of your books, since I only have them all on my phone. So, yes please!!!!

  2. Love the Ben & Tenzin teaser. Any idea when that will be coming out? I don’t ever win your giveaways 🙁

  3. How do you do it??? How do you write all of your characters so we can’t choose a favorite? Lol. Can’t wait for Ollie’s story.

  4. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I re-read the books in preparation. I’m jonesing for my Hunter fix so badly that I’m back into the elemental mysteries series again.

  5. I love everything I have gotten my hands on by you! Can’t wait for Waking Hearts and Imitation and Alchemy!!! #Benzinforlife

  6. I can’t wait to read Waking Hearts! I just finished reading Scarlet Deep…loooovvvveeeed it!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  7. I absolutely love Elemental World. I have set up my kindle, playlist of music, wine, and read. Such an awesome Fall book series to snuggle up to. My husband can manage on his own .

  8. I love Elemental World and Irin Series, as soon as a new one is published I have on my Kindle sit down and do not move until it is finished, I haven’t been able to leave any of them half read. I will be starting to collect them in paperback as I soon as I move house as I like the covers. I just love reading!!!

  9. I’m fairly new to your books, but I’m totally in love with them! I read the elemental mysteries series in three days. I couldn’t put them down. The teaser has me hooked and I can’t wait to read Waking Hearts ( everything else you write!)

  10. Awesome!! Congrats! All I need is the pb of Beneath A Waning Moon, and I’m all set!! (I’ve read it, and it’s great! – cover to cover!! *a nod to Grace Draven)

  11. A fantastic read just waiting to happen! Crossing my fingers and tapping my toes. Cambio Springs take me away! ?

  12. I can’t wait for any and all of your work, even the blog and FB entries. Maybe I like your work too much. But I don’t think so, You just do what you do very well. It makes it such a pleasure to read all the things you write. I wish more people would put half the effort you do into their work so that I’m not so distracted by errors that should have been caught before being published. And so I ramble on and on and on……

  13. Through Allie, you’ve made me, a mom of 4, feel really good. It’s so cool and refreshing to read that a romance novel doesn’t revolve around single, young females or millionaires.

  14. You are an insta buy for me. So i already own these on my Kindle but I do not have any of your work in paperback. If I win that will mean a re-read to see if I can like it even more in paperback! ha ha

  15. I keep saying, I am trying to be patient, but I have been wanting to read more about Ollie and Allie for a while. Not long now *sigh*.

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