First look! Imitation & Alchemy: An Elemental Legacy Novella


Not Naples. But they will be going to Venice, too.

What’s Imitation & Alchemy, you ask? Why it’s just the next Elemental Legacy novella for Ben and Tenzin. (Or Benzin, as you all have named them.) I’m estimating this novella will be out this winter. I’m aiming for early February, but that depends on editing and holidays and all that jazz.

I have to share this bit of what I wrote today because Benzin makes me laaaaugh really hard. I’m traveling back to Italy with the two of them in this novella. Currently, they’re in Naples. Here’s a peek of Tenzin’s POV.


Filomena led them under the Roman arches of subterranean Naples and toward her master, who was sitting on a raised dais playing king of all he surveyed.

Tenzin disliked him immediately.

He wasn’t a handsome vampire. His face was pockmarked and sagging. His skin had once been olive, but now it leaned toward sallow. A high forehead, arched nose, and haughty gaze led her to believe he was, as he claimed, Spanish royalty of some kind.

Filomena stopped at the edge of the dais and gave Alfonso a short bow.

“Alfonso, may I introduce Tenzin, daughter of Zhang Guolao. Sired of air. Mated to water…”

Oh, so he was one of those immortals. Tenzin tried not to sigh as Filomena continued.

“…Scourge of the Naiman Khanlig. Commander of the Altan Wind. Protector of Penglai Island. Patron goddess of the Holy Mountain…”

Goddess of anything holy, let it end.

“…Protector and scribe of New Spain. Friend of Don Ernesto Alvarez of Los Angeles.” Filomena paused. “And… Ben, her yoga instructor.”

Ben leaned over and whispered, “You have so many more titles than I realized.”

“You have no idea.”

“I need to be called ‘The Scourge’ of something. Just put that in the back of your mind to think about later.”

“Maybe the Scourge of the Refrigerator,” she muttered. “That would be accurate.”


FAQ about the Elemental Legacy series

When is the first full novel coming out?

I don’t know exactly. Prooooobably 2017. I have one more novella planned for this series to bridge the gap between the Elemental Mysteries and the Elemental Legacy, then I’ll start on their books.

Is this part of the Elixir storyline in the Elemental World series?

Nope. In fact, if I do this right, you won’t even have to read the Elemental World to understand the Legacy series. These books will be stand-alone contemporary fantasy, not paranormal romance like the Elemental World. I’m trying very hard to make each individual arc or mini-series in the Elemental Universe stand on it’s own.

How many books will be in the series?

I have five planned, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick with that.

What are they going to be about? 

If you read Shadows and Gold, you’ll get a pretty good feel for the series. There’s going to be action, humor, treasure-hunting, and travel. And yes, some romance, too. I’m really looking forward to it.

Seriously? Ben and Tenzin?

Yep. Ben and Tenzin. Trust me when I say it’s all gonna make sense in the end. It’s probably not what you expect. And that’s all I’m going to say.

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  1. Excellentia! It’s inconceivable! (Princess Bride anyone…)
    that was funny… Ben better keep Tenzin laughing for men who don’t do not live to long…

  2. Wow! I am curious about his turning and if/when he changes his mind (based on the Scourge comment). Really looking forward to more! Thank you for all you do and share with us while we wait.

  3. Just that short passage and I was already in so deep…this is going to be perfection! I can not wait to read these!!!!, thank you for continuing to write in the elemental world, i love anything you write, but I want to LIVE in this world 😉

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