Random things I am happy about right now.

Central California had an honest to goodness rain storm last week. It was wonderful. Though… my white stucco house is now very dirty looking. I don’t care. Rain.

HALLOWEEN! Leland (the skeleton who lives in my guest room) is in his element. There are bats, skulls, and spiders all over my house.

Having a manuscript at the copyeditor. The hard revising work is done. The fiddly language bits are the only things left to do with Waking Hearts. Then I can send it out into the world, polished and happy, and hope you all enjoy it.

My camellia hedge is blooming.

I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last few months, and I’m honestly loving it. It’s the first time I’ve worked with a fitness professional when it’s really and truly not about reaching a number on a scale or molding my body into an idealized version of a self that has never really existed. It’s about being healthy and strong. It’s about planks and lifting heavy things and laughing about arm wobbles. It’s about endurance and feeling like this body is more than just the thing I use to carry my brain around. It’s wonderful and freeing and invigorating and I feel incredibly blessed to have these hours in my week. It’s made me a happier person.

I’m writing Ben and Tenzin again, and they’re just a hoot. Plus, I get to review all my research and pictures I took in Italy, which is almost like being back on vacation, only without the truly horrendous heat and humidity. So that’s nice.

Asian pears are back in season.


This owl:

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  1. I probably should concur about the exercise, without a doubt I need it, but the thought of starting makes me want to take a Bex and have a good lie down! Then you mentioned chocolate…….but my major source of happiness at the moment is watching my two beautiful grandchildren grow, it is a truly wondrous thing to watch your children hold their children. And of course, any time you mention writing is a bonus!

  2. I absolutely have to find that video for my daughter in Norway. She is a huge fan of both owls and Halloween, she will love it. So, thanks, and thanks for bringing Ben and Tenzin back. Simply cannot wait for that one.

  3. You never fail to brighten my day, Thank you! Looking forward to Ollie and Allie’s story and more from Ben and Tenzin.

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