#TeaserTuesday Waking Hearts: A Cambio Springs Novel

Waking Hearts 1A quick teaser from Waking Hearts, the next Cambio Springs book, now available for PREORDER at Amazon.com:

“Dude!” Mark yelled. “Stop it. You’re messing up the game.”

“You’re not even playing, Marky. You’re just watching,” Christopher, who was seven and completely uninterested in video games, complained.

Kevin reached over and smacked Christopher on the back of the head. “Stop calling him Marky. I told you.”

“Oh my gosh,” Mark hissed out. “Just stop. You’re so annoying.”

“Well, you’re stupid,” Chris said.

“And you’re a fart-face.”

“Mo-om! Marky said I’m a fart—mmfph.”

Kevin slapped a hand over Chris’s mouth with one hand, still attempting to play with the other. “Dude, be quiet. We only have ten minutes before Ollie and Mom have to go to work.”

Loralie giggled and covered her mouth when Ollie looked down at her.

“Fart-face,” she lisped through two missing front teeth.

“Don’t say fart-face,” Ollie said, making her giggle again.

Chris broke into more giggles behind Kevin’s hand, his little body shaking.

“But you just said it!”

Even Mark couldn’t keep from smiling. “Dude,” he said. “Just be cool or we won’t be able to play.”

“Yeah, Ollie,” Kevin said, letting his younger brother go. “You should be a good example. Don’t say fart-face.”

Which sent Mark, Chris, and Loralie back into fits of giggles. Even Ollie couldn’t keep from smiling.

Especially when Allie came in from the kitchen, leaned over the back of the couch, and said in a loud whisper, “Ollie, did one of my kids say ‘fart-face’ again?”

He busted up laughing, as much at the uncontrollable giggles surrounding him as the serious look on her face.

Mark said, “Dude, just stop saying it. I can’t stop laughing.”

Chris gasped, “I can’t either, dude.”

“They can have whole conversations in ‘dude,’” Allie said, still leaning over his shoulder.

Ollie was tempted to call “bear pile” and tug her onto his lap.

“Fluency in ‘dude’—” He turned his head so their lips were only inches away from each other. “—is a gift of all seven and ten year old boys.”

He saw her eyes flicker down to his mouth, and he wanted more than anything to have the right—the simple right—to lean over and kiss her. Tuck her hair behind her ear and whisper something silly to make her laugh. Her eyes never left his mouth, even when the kids started jabbering again.

Kevin said, “Just don’t say fart-face, whatever you do.”

Allie busted up laughing. She might have even snorted.

Man, I love writing kids. Kids are hilarious. And yes, seven and ten year old boys really do say “dude” that much, at least in California.

Waking Hearts is out on November 24th!

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