The first full chapter of WAKING HEARTS is now available to preview.

0001-65218304Chatting with the lovely Grace Draven (BENEATH A WANING MOON IS ONLY EIGHT DAYS AWAY!) and contemplating everything that has gone into the first draft of Waking Hearts (which is about four chapters away from finished).

We’ve got:

  • Toilets clogged with too much TP.
  • World War Yo-yo.
  • Hyper little brothers.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Tattling little sisters.
  • Juvenile insults.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Whole conversations expressed in “dude.”
  • Teenage fistfights.
  • Too much laundry.
  • Almost-broken eggs.

AND YET we also have:

  • Teasing glances
  • So much flirting
  • Double entendres
  • Smoking hot kisses
  • Stolen moments
  • Heartfelt confessions
  • Promises
  • Possession
  • LOVE

Along with all the usual murder and mayhem in this shapeshifting town.

It’s probably no wonder this is the longest Cambio Springs book so far. Want to read more? Check out…….

The first full chapter of WAKING HEARTS!

Happy Wednesday.

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