Cover Reveal: Waking Hearts (Cambio Springs Mysteries Book Three)

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Waking Hearts - Ebook Small


for release on November 24th, 2015

When everything you’ve longed for is standing right in front of you, would you find the courage to chase it when you’ve given up on dreams?

Fox shifter Alison Smith gave up on happy endings when her ex-husband walked out, but that didn’t mean she was allowed to give up on happy. With four growing kids, Allie is determined to look on the bright side and carry on, even when life seems to keep kicking the girl who’s fallen down.

Four kids, two jobs, and a pile of debt left over from her ex seem overwhelming most days. Luckily, Allie has the best friends a girl could ask for. Especially a certain quiet bear who’s always been her rock.

Patient. Oliver Campbell knows what it means to be patient. But twenty years of wanting one unavailable woman may have pushed him to the edge. With Allie working every night at his bar, their friendship has begun to fracture.

Then old ghosts offer one more kick to the little family that’s already down, and patience is a virtue Ollie can no longer afford. Allie’s ex-husband may be gone, but his actions are haunting his family. With danger licking the borders of Cambio Springs, the bear and the fox will have to work together. And twenty years of unspoken truths may finally come to light.

WAKING HEARTS is the third paranormal romance novel in the Cambio Springs Mysteries series.

1Some of you may have noticed that I’ve only included one pre-order link for the new book. That is because the Waking Hearts e-book will be released as a Kindle exclusive for the first three months, then have a wider release early next year.

The first and second e-books in the Cambio Springs series have also been made Kindle exclusive for a few months, which means that they are now part of the Kindle Unlimited library and available for borrow for the first time ever! (They are still available in paperback and audio from all major retailers.)

This is the first time I’ve done an exclusive release with any retailer for one of my books, and I will admit that I struggled with the decision. The fact is, the Cambio Springs series has never found as wide an audience as either the Elemental series or the Irin Chronicles. I’m hoping this Kindle promotion will change that and I can reach new readers.



  • The good news is that, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still purchase the book on release day and read it on the Kindle app available for your tablet or smartphone! (I use this method to purchase from Amazon myself, because I read on my tablet.)
  • The other thing you can do is buy the paperback edition, which will be in all the usual places. (Don’t have the pre-order link for paper up yet, but I will.) I’ll also be doing numerous paperback giveaways in the week after the e-book release.
  • Or, you can wait. (I’m fairly sure this will be the least popular option, but it is an option.) The e-book will be exclusive with Kindle for the first three months, then I’ll be releasing it at all the other retailers where I usually sell my books.

I realize some of you may not be pleased about not being able to buy from your favorite store on release day, but this is purely a business decision, so I hope you’ll respect that.

I also hope that this promotion will open the series up to new readers who may never have read my books before. Because putting good books into the hands of more readers has always been my goal. 



And speaking of paperback giveaways, Assister Gen (that’s my sister, who’s also my assistant) recently cleared out the scary closet in my office which means HOLY COW I HAVE SO MANY PAPERBACKS, YOU GUYS.

So comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of either Shifting Dreams or Desert Bound! (This contest IS open to international readers.) I’ll also be giving another book away over on my Facebook page, so check that out if you’re a FB fan. And I’ll be giving ANOTHER one away over on Twitter. Phew!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


ARC WINNER: The winner of the Very Proper Monster ARC last week was reader Inateapot. Please email me at to claim your ARC!

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  1. There is nothing better than the feel of a paperback book in your hands – and I love the smell of books. I don’t care if they are fresh and new or if they have been sitting in a closet or on a shelf for years – there is just something comforting about a real book. I love my Kindle for so many reasons, but I will never quit loving a paper book.

  2. Beautiful cover once again. I really like the desert feel/sunset aspect of these covers. Way to go you Rising Star! I couldn’t resist :). I’m sure this book will be great!

  3. I love the Cambio Springs books – they’re a brilliant change from the others so don’t fret about it Ms Hunter – just keep on writing them coz I love them! It’s also great to be able to get them on Kindle straight away. I read all my Kindle stuff on my iPad! You’re awesome ?????????

  4. Can this day get any better?! A beautiful cover AND A RELEASE DATE for my favorite series!!!! I’m a happy woman. Thank you, Elizabeth.

  5. Since I cannot wait is a good thing I can buy the e-book. I’m really excited and want to read it as soon a possible.

  6. Pre-order done. I have never had any interest in vampire stories, dislike them generally, however, your books were so amazingly well written, had so much more to them that I was hooked. Read everything you have written and waiting eagerly for more. Only a small handful of authors make my “autobuy” list and you’re right at the top. Keep going-great stuff!!

  7. Hm… I’m one of those people who have read both the Elemental Mysteries series and the Irin Chronicles, but never started the Cambio Springs books. I’m not even sure why. I adore your writing and the covers and blurbs are all interesting, so really, I should own these already. But I don’t. Maybe this giveaway is my opportunity to change that 🙂 if not, I’ll borrow the kindle version of the first book!

  8. I’ve loved this series ever since I read “A Long Ride Home”. I have eagerly awaited each installment since then. It’s really no different for any of your series, books, teasers, etc…. But, I really love any story with shifters, for me they are their own genre. Can’t wait to find out if Ollie finally gets to openly express the love he has always felt for Allie.

  9. Thanks for the great writing. I’ve read all of your published works–ran through them all in about 3 months, starting with the Irin Chronicles–and I recommend them to everyone, including my high-school students who need to move on from traditional YA. I want to thank you for the world-building, the great characters, and the amazing amount of work that must go into each novel. I’m really looking forward to Allie and Ollie.

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