Random Writerly Thoughts This Week: Part One

  • Kids are fun to write. Why aren’t there more kids in romance novels? Oh…
  • Helloooooooo, YouTube.
  • What does the fox say? Really creepy horror movie kind of screams, that’s what the fox says.
  • Heh. Dogs.
  • Wait, I have to pay bills this week, too? Whyyyyyyyyy?
  • Yes, I know I shouldn’t hunch over my keyboard, but I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time. Owwwwwww.
  • But would all snakes smell the same to a fox? Probably not.
  • Ah, Wikipedia, my old friend.
  • Writing love scenes when one person is a foot taller than the other is hard.
  • Nope, not physically possible. Nope. Yes! Maybe? …but Ollie is not a yoga master. So no.
  • Can you reverse-photoshop a picture? Is that a thing?
  • Oh, Allie, I feel you on the kid-puking thing.

This has been… Random Writerly Thoughts This Week, brought to you by Waking Hearts, the next Cambio Springs Mystery, coming this fall.


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  1. *snort* What does the fox say? I wasn’t sure if it was a Cambio Springs fox or the YouTube video by Ylvis. Friends kiddos introduced me to the song 🙂 Mine’s too old for it.

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