A new look for the blog, a new collection of Gothic romance, and an ARC giveaway!

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So we can just all admit I’m not the best blogger, right? We’re okay accepting that? I KNOW. It’s been what? A month? More? Eeep!

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The good news is that I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been working a lot! That’s right, the new Cambio Springs book is going really well. I’m having a blast telling Ollie and Allie’s story. Here’s a little peek of what I’ve been writing lately.


Ollie walked in the back door only a few minutes later while the kids were still playing with the various ice settings and ignoring their homework.

“Hey,” he said. “How was school?”

Loralie ran over and he bent down so she could jump on his back like the monkey she was.

“We colored new name tags, Ollie! For our desks.”

“That sounds fun.”

Allie said, “You got a new fridge.”

He shrugged and went to the sink to scrub his hands, Loralie still clinging to his back. “Been wanting to move that old one to the barn for a while. Keep drinks and stuff out there and get something bigger for the house.”

“Did you know this is the exact one I’ve been wanting?”

He was smiling when he turned around. “Is it?”

She couldn’t keep from smiling back. “Jena’s been telling stories.”

“Who better to ask about buying a new fridge than a chef, right?” He winked at her, then plucked Loralie from his back. “Hey, guys. Did I see groceries in the car?”

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Allie had completely forgotten about the four bags of groceries left in the minivan. She rose to her feet.

“We’ll get them,” Mark said, grabbing Chris’s arm and pulling him out the door.

“I’ll help!” Loralie ran after her brothers.

“You,” she whispered. “Did you buy this fridge for me?”

He swiftly walked to her and slid an arm around her waist. Allie went up on her toes and met his mouth in a scorching kiss.

“Absolutely not,” he murmured against her mouth. “A refrigerator is a terrible first present.”




Sorry, is it weird that I find a new fridge a totally awesome present? I mean, Allie lives out in the desert. Don’t dismiss a new fridge. Now a vacuum…

Anyway, these two are so cute I kinda want to squeeze their cheeks. Only Ollie is a giant bear shifter and would probably not take kindly to that. I’m also having a blast writing Allie’s four kids. There aren’t enough funny kid scenes in romance novels (probably for obvious reasons) but Allie is a single mother. Let’s not pretend her kids are going to make this easy.



BeneathAWaningMoonCoverSo Cambio Springs writing is going really well, and I’m very pleased to announce that Grace Draven and I have announced a release date for Beneath a Waning Moon, our pair of Gothic romances. I’ll be including the Elemental World (historic!) novella, A Very Proper Monster.

The e-book will be available at all retailers on October 1st. We’ll also be doing an audiobook and paperback for these stories, but I don’t have a date for that yet.

BaWM is not going to set up for pre-order, but you can add it to Goodreads by clicking the button:


And you can join my “New Release Newsletter” by clicking here:



You’ve probably noticed that there’s a new look for the blog! I felt like it was bordering on messy, so I tried to clean up a bit and streamline things. I’m hoping readers will have an easier time navigating the site, but if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment or two.

In fact, leave me a comment, and you’ll be entered to win an e-ARC of A Very Proper Monster. This story, by the way, is DELICIOUS. I loved writing it and early reviews have been fantastic. I’ll leave entries open on the giveaway until Friday evening.

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  1. Oh my heavens, I can’t even. LOVE your writing, LOVE Ollie and Abby. Can’t WAIT for “Monster!” Please consider me officially requesting to be entered for the ARC giveaway! 🙂

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your blog regardless of format – love the pictures. Keep up the good work. Waiting patiently for A Waning Moon – love Grace as well. Would like to be considered for arc.

  3. I can’t fault you for not blogging, because I am somewhat challenged when it comes to all of the electronic communication myself. With that said – your books have pretty much ruined me for all other authors. When I get one of your books I cannot sleep at night until the book is over. Then I feel like we have had a terrible break-up, because my heart is broken that it is over. If I had your books in paperback instead of on my Kindle, the pages would be worn thin from re-reading them. Thank you for sharing your amazing imagination with us.

    • I think a lot of people held off because they didn’t want to start until there were more books or they just don’t like shapeshifters all that much. But the books are all stand-alone, so there aren’t any cliffhangers. But there are shapeshifters!

  4. Call me crazy, but I actually miss the snow…. Hee hee. Seriously though, the blog looks very clean and neat. It’s much easier to navigate, and I love seeing all your books lined up in the header across the top. Very nice!

    • That’s not even all of them, Laural! I remember back in the day when I was all excited because I’d written enough that I could line them up to make one banner, and now there are too many to fit. Yikes!

  5. Your blog is much easier for me to read now on my mobile device. It looks cleaner. Thx.

    Nit Comments:

    A) should the menu now include a division for Elemental Legacy books and Novellas (looking at you Shadows and Gold)?

    B) can you consolidate your Extra stories off the other website into this blog?

    Thx much for asking our opinions.

    Finally Ollie and Allie get their story!! I am sure they were as impatient as we were.

    • Great feedback, Pat! Thanks very much. Right now the Elemental legacy is included in the overall EM/W menu, but I’ll try to label it better. And I’ll have to think about putting the extras over here, as well as on the EM website. I might end up writing extra scenes for the other series, as well, so it would be a good idea to find a spot for them.

  6. OMG, so excited for the next release! I love all your books, it doesn’t matter which world is next, just give me a new one!!!!

  7. I’m not mad at all ’cause I prefer you writing than blogging. Can’t wait for the next book in Cambio Springs. I think the new blog look, looks good. I really like the home page and I do find it easier to find what I am looking for.

  8. Oh, such a tease!!!! I have been waiting what feels like forever to be back in my favorite town in the whole world, Cambio Springs! !! You’re my favorite, Elizabeth, and everything you write is amazing, but I have to say that this series is absolutely fanfreakintastic – hands down the best! The world, the characters, the gamut of emotions, the humor, their stories – everything is perfect. I read them over and over and every time I get the end of Desert Bound, I groan in frustration at where we’re left with Ollie and Allie!!! Thank you for getting us back there, if only for a second. I know there’s more coming now. Yay!!!!

  9. I’m so anxious to read your new BAWM! October 1 can’t get here quick enough. Gothic romance — haven’t read one in years. So awesome that you’ve written in that genre! I’ve marked it to read on Goodreads and RT your post on Twitter. Would LOVE to get an ARC!!! ?

  10. Yes, The new look is lovely and we all invite you to visit more blog frequently so as to keep us all up to speed, HaHaHa
    Really excited about a new Cambio, sounds excellent.

  11. I am SO looking forward to a ‘delicious’ taste of Allie and Ollie. I love your Cambio Springs series (as I do all of your work), and I particularly like the California desert setting. It feels like a real place I could visit.

    I do like the changes to your site – overall cleaner and easier to navigate.

  12. In all honesty, if I had to choose then I’d rather have new books than new blogs. I like the idea of a “New Release Newsletter”, though as it is the main reason I read writers’ blogs – to find out when the new book(s) will be available. As I am now officially retired and actually have some spare time, could I please be considered for an ARC.

  13. I love all the Elemental books (have read through the series several times) and am looking forward to the next story 🙂 Thanks for writing them!

  14. I love the Elemental books! I read them all in a massive indulgent binge. I am starting Cambio Springs next. Please enter me in the ARC contest. Thanks for your books, they are great!

  15. If it says, written by Elizabeth Hunter…I AM BUYING! “Is all of your underwear like this?” <—love it! I'm SO excited to read the collaboration with Grace Draven. Have a lovely weekend, lovely lady!

  16. I am so unbelievably excited for this book! 😀 ♡ I’ve read ever elemental book and am counting down until October 1st! I also like the new set up 🙂

  17. Is the verb “devour” appropriate for books? If it is…I do when it comes to yours! So looking forward to this newest addition to my Elizabeth Hunter collection! Please add me to the list for the ARC. Would love nothing more. Continue the fantastic work and bravo lady!!

  18. I am looking forward to your newest release October 1st and can’t wait for the next installment of the Cambio Springs story. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  19. I just finished reading the Irin chronicles for the 3rd time. Will you return to that world anytime in the future? Love all your work!

  20. Ooh this is awesome, I am so going to enjoy reading about Ollie and Allie 🙂 can’t wait for A very proper Monster either; I loved the sneak peek from Scarlet Deep! Thanks for the ARC contest, you are lovely to us fans!

  21. I’ve been spreading the word about your books and I’ve already gotten one of my great nieces hooked! I’m really looking forward to reading more…

  22. I cannot wait for Waking Hearts and A Very Proper Monster! Since reading the teasers I am DYING!!! I love all of your books!

  23. I read and reread your books and can’t get enough. Always anticipating that new book no matter which series!! Love hearing how many words you write in a day!!
    And those adventures you and tall boy take
    You are amazing!!

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