Fiction Friday: The Scarlet Deep

For those of you waiting for the next Elemental World novel, I’m happy to say that I’m about 2/3rd of the way finished with The Scarlet Deep and well on the way to a mid-summer release if all goes according to plan!

I have the cover set (not ready for reveal yet) but if you are a blogger who would like in on that, please fill out the form here and I will put you on the list. (SPOILER ALERT: This cover is amazing. It’s one of my faves ever. Here’s a sneak peek.)


To celebrate, I decided to post the entire first chapter here on the website. You can find it here. This is not just a teaser, but it’s the whole first chapter and it’s from Murphy’s point of view. If you’re still trying to remember who Murphy is, that might help out a bit. As for Anne, you’ll have to wait a bit to hear from her.

Click and enjoy your first look at THE SCARLET DEEP!

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  1. Ah Murphy, I can almost hear the lilt in his voice! How long do I have to wait? 😉 I’ll just do some rereads from your backlist in the meantime. Thanks Elizabeth!

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