Reading/Watching/Listening: Spring Has Sprung

It rained yesterday! Which, if you’re not from California might not be super exciting, but if you ARE in California, caused you to break into spontaneous dancing.


So, my son was on Easter break last week, which meant we were both running around visiting family and friends, which was a lot of fun! But kind of tiring, too. Happily, I’m back home today and I’d like to report that I am approximately 1/3 finished with the first draft of the next Elemental World book, which features Murphy and Anne, who were supporting characters in Building From Ashes. More about them and the new book on the blog tomorrow.


Try to hold in your excitement.

Until I come out with that book, let’s talk about what I’m RWLing to when I’m not SLAVING AWAY LIKE A DRUDGE FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE!


(Banner stolen from April’s website. April, please don’t sue me.)

Reading: You all know I’m not a huge YA fan, right? Nothing against the genre because I know it’s amazing. I just don’t often get captured by YA characters. But I’m really loving a wonderful YA fantasy series by April White called the Immortal Descendants. (Full disclosure: I know April and consider her a friend, but you know me. I’m not gonna rec her book unless I know it’s awesome.) This series has been getting rave reviews on Amazon and the world-building is really stellar. I’m still just in the first book, but there are three out and two more planned, I know. Check this series out, even if you’re not a big YA fan. It’s very good and you can get the first book, Marking Time, free on Amazon right now. (Not sure about other retailers.)


Watching: Other than my current obsession on The Voice—seriously, have you HEARD Sawyer Fredricks’ voice? He’s amazing! And he’s sixteen or something! Imagine what this kid is going to do! Ehem, Okay, OTHER THAN THAT, I just started watching Bosch on Amazon Prime, and… I don’t know how I feel about it! And I kinda like that. I’m hooked on this character, but I have no idea whether I like him or not. He’s just compelling. There’s a bit of a Luther vibe (and you know I adore everything that is Luther), but it’s set in LA, so obviously there’s a different tempo and atmosphere. But it has some of the same detective-of-dubious-character vibe. So if you’re a mystery fan, check it out. My dad loves the book series, so I’m gonna keep watching.

Listening: IT IS A DAY OF CELEBRATION AND “ALBUM ON REPEAT” FOR ME BECAUSE LORD HURON’S SECOND ALBUM CAME OUT!!! Which, I’ll be honest, is what inspired this entire post because I’m so excited about it.


Okay, so the first time I saw LH live was when they opened for Of Monsters and Men in Visalia in the Fall of 2012. And I thought, hey, nice! New banjo boys. Cool. But they didn’t really STRIKE me, you know? And then I saw them AGAIN at Coachella the following spring. And I was HOOKED. I was so impressed by how only six months (if that) of touring had polished these guys and brought their music to life. They were, quite honestly, one of the best shows that entire festival. Electric on stage and their music was (using this word again) compelling with unique flourishes (Steel drums in a folk-rock band? Really? Cool.) and very lyric writing. I was impressed. Bought and listened to their album Lonesome Dreams all the way home from the desert. It has become one of my favorite road trip albums.

lord_huron_strange_trails-14848And so I’m super excited about STRANGE TRAILS, which I’m just loving. It’s… weird, you guys. And beautiful. And layered in a way that Lonesome Dreams only hinted at. Just try it. Check these guys out. Here’s their song The World Ender off the new album. It’s STORYTELLING, people. It’s just music instead of books. Also, the album artwork is gorgeous. Listen. Enjoy.

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  1. I met April at Love and Fifty and bought all three of her Immortal Descendents books (she was so charming and we both loved Deborah Harkness

    • Argh…. Hit post by accident!! Anyway, I’m halfway through Marking Time and it’s excellent! Not a big fan of YA either but this is really good!

  2. I live in Castro Valley….we had buckets and buckets of rain! It was wonderful!!
    Nothing like the sound of rain hitting the rooftop!!

    **finished The Secret!!!
    ? it

    • Wow, Jennifer, I’m just over the hill in Oakland and while it rained, unfortunately we didn’t get the buckets here (sad face). Any rain is a blessing, though!

      Elizabeth, loved Lord Huron – will have to do a more detailed listen of the album, and I’ll check out April’s series. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed some YA reading lately.

  3. I am almost done with book 2 of Immortal Descendants… Loving the story. It kept me so mellow as I was stranded at the airport due to flight delays…hehehehe, I was like ‘yay more reading time!’ While everyone around me was cranky!

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