THE SECRET is now available!

Secret release bannerHappy Thursday, everyone! I’m happy to report that THE SECRET, Ava and Malachi’s final book, is now available everywhere books are sold online, both in e-book and paperback. Here are the links:






Enjoy! Share with your friends. Tell your mom. And leave a comment here!!!


Comment here with your favorite line from any of my books and be entered to win an entire signed set of the Irin Chronicles.

That’s right.


The Singer-3DTHREE.

The Secret Irin Chronicles - 3DBOOKS.

Preeeeeettttttyyyyyy. (They really are. The formatting and covers turned out beautifully in the paperbacks.)

So comment here and tell me your favorite words, people! Enter in the next four days (I’ll give you through midnight Sunday) and be entered to win the giveaway. International readers are welcome to enter!

So tell your friends. And your mom. Your dad if he likes to read. (My dad actually likes this series, which is pretty cool.) Your grandma if she’s down with the fantasy romance.

Maybe not your kids if they’re little. Don’t make me feel guilty.

And buy the e-book today for only $4.99!

Love and gratitude to everyone,


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  1. “Ubi amo, ibi patria.
    Where I love. there is my home.”
    – This Same Earth

    Bought The Secret this morning, but work is interfering with my reading. 😉
    That and the lack of wine!

  2. I just downloaded it so my husband said no housework will be done for the next 4 to 5 days (hey I am a slow reader and reread passages) I thanked my mom for introducing me to your books. And now I have my best friend Korinne and her family hooked.

    Thank you Elizabeth for being my mommy vacation. I might have killed someone if it was not for you. ? just kidding not killing the little one but thinking of locking him in the closet. Lol

    • Oh, I remember those years! SmallBoy was an infant when The Half Blood Prince came out and he was just neglected for a full day or two. I mean, I fed him, but that’s about it.

  3. Took advantage of the time difference and ordered it late last night — unfortunately, must wait until Saturday for it to arrive. Thanks, Elizabeth — looking forward to it!!

  4. It’s on my Kindle, waiting to be devoured – finding it very hard to concentrate on work today. Suspect I will be reading late into the night tonight. Who needs sleep anyway? So hard to choose a single favourite quote. It’s going to have to be three, in no particular order: (1) “He’s very bright, despite being an idiot.” (The Scribe) BTW, how many men do you know for whom this is the perfect description?! (2) “The first time. Again. Always. His body met his soul, and Malachi lived.” (The Singer) (3) “Find a mate and surround yourself with joy. This life is too lonely to travel alone.” (Building from Ashes) Happy sigh ….

  5. He debated telling Giovanni about Brigid, but what was there to say? I’m irritatingly fascinated with a woman for the first time in hundreds of years. She’s young, intriguing, and I’m suddenly feeling older than dirt. She’s also Roman Catholic, so she probably won’t touch me with a ten-foot pole.
    – Carwyn, Building From Ashes (Elemental World) (p. 149).

    • Ecaton, you have won the signed set of the Irin Chronicles! Please email me at ElizabethHunterWrites (at) gmail (dot) com so I can get your shipping information!

  6. Happy release day!!!!!

    Imagine a person created for you. Another being so in tune with you that their voice was the clearest you’ve ever heard in your mind.

  7. “You’re cute when you blush old man”

    The Genius and The Muse is one of my absolute favourite books

  8. “Far be it from me to keep a woman from her book. That could become dangerous”
    ― Elizabeth Hunter, A Hidden Fire

    Truer words were never spoken!

    Can’t wait to dig into The Secret! I picked it up this morning. 😀

  9. So excited! Read a few chapters last night, now I just have to get through work. I’m sure I will sneak a chapter or two in when things are slow.

    From The Scribe
    “I heard you.”

  10. My favorite line:

    the one about feeling the earth move, literally, when they were making love. Because…well, I am that old and I remember when that song was released and I laughed out loud when I read it, and then… it made me remember what it means to feel the earth move.

  11. Love the Secret so far!!!! Half way through before work got in the way lol.

    One of my fav lines:
    “His voice was low and thick with tension. “Get that out of your system?”
    “Felt a little like kissing my brother.”
    He dropped the towel and tugged her into the room. “This won’t.”

    Excerpt From: Hunter, Elizabeth. “The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One.”

  12. “Let it be enough.”
    -Lorenzo, A Fall Of Water.

    I Love, love all your books!!
    I’m about to start The Secret! Yey!!!

  13. I had another book from the library that I completely abandoned – I have been SO EXCITED for this, I can’t wait! I listen to Ed Sheeran obsessively anyway, but now Tenerife Sea always reminds me of the Irin series <3
    I would be thrilled to own the paperbacks of these beautiful (written and covered) books – they are a favorite of mine.
    Hard to pick fave quotes b/c I more have favorite scenes – this is from the end of book 2 where Ava is afraid of the darkness within her:
    "We were meant to be like this – two halves of the same whole. Dark and light together"
    "How do you know?"
    "I know because you told me"

    My heart pitter patters 🙂

  14. I’m sooooooo excited to read this book! I am a huge fan of yours and this series! Well, I’m actually in love with everything you’ve written! Please, please never stop! My heart couldn’t take it! ?

    “Silly Brigid. Love is friendship. Just with less clothes, which makes it far more brilliant.” That was just such a perfect Carwyn moment and it’s stuck with me all this time!

  15. What were her options? Stay in Istanbul and continue seeing a psychologist for voices that never went away, or go to some place in the middle of Turkey with tattooed people she barely knew in order to research whether she was some obscure form of angel spawn.

    Angel spawn….Tee hee.

  16. Happy release day!!!!
    I’m so excited!!!!
    One of my favourite quotes is
    “Love”, he whispered in italian “is a single soul inhabiting two bodies”
    A hidden fire. Page 409
    What can I say I’m a romantic and I think is a Magnificent and true statement!
    Thank You for all your books!!! You are great!!!

  17. My all time FAVORITE passage from all of the books:

    “Please,” he begged. “Let me go, Tenzin. Let me go to my wife.”
    She drew back in surprise. “What?”
    “My wife,” he pleaded. “Let me go to Beatrice. I need to go to her.” Her hands released him.
    “I did not see that.”

    Force of the Wind, Chapter 13

    Still gives me chills ~Susan

  18. “Just hold on to me, Brigid.” Her burning hands seared him again, but Carwyn held strong. “I’ve got you. Don’t let go.” This just sums up Brigid & Carwyn. It brings tears to my eyes every time! (or of course any of the comments about his ‘ridiculousness’!)

  19. From A Hidden Fire. 🙂
    “Did you two just come up with some really academic, smart-sounding rationalization for why you’re watching professional wrestling on pay-per-view?”
    I laugh every time! Love all of your books!

  20. “Don’t you realize how I adore you?” he whispered against her mouth. “But I couldn’t steal the life of a girl when I wanted a woman’s love. I wanted you to have a choice, not an infatuation.”
    This Same Earth


  21. “One soul. Two bodies. My soul recognized its own. That is why I love you as I do. All the mysteries. All the secrets. That is the one truth we can hold on to.”
    A Fall of Water

    Don’t you just love Giovanni?!

  22. “”Because… you see me, and I see you. And because,” Kate pressed her cheek to his and whispered in his ear, “you’re more than you think you are.””

    -The Genius and the Muse

    I could pick a quote from any of your books really. I love and reread them all, constantly. Looking forward to diving into The Secret shortly.

  23. “Far be it from me to keep a woman from her book. That could become dangerous” – love it. 😀 I started read this book yesterday and don’t know what to expect. I really hate descriptions cause thay have an annoying habit to say to much, so I still fumbling around and wondering, what to expect. 😀

  24. I’ve read all of you Element Series and loved every one of them!! I would be honored to own a signed copy of this series? I’m sure anything you write I will love.

  25. Did it hurt? Were you frightened ? Who held your hand as the life drained out of you? Whose eyes did you see when your heart stopped? She had no answer. That should have been me, Beatrice. Even if I could not turn you, it was my right to be there
    to care for you.
    From The Force of Wind.

  26. “Beatrice, how do you feel about Rome in the springtime?” Giovanni, The Force of Wind.
    Because it meant there’d be more….and now I need to read The Scribe and The Singer again so I’m ready for more of Ava and Malachi.

  27. This scene is when I fell hard for Malachi
    “If you want to survive to see the dawn, come no closer. My dagger hungers for your neck.” The Scribe

    I’ve read about 60% of The Secret and I absolutely love everything about it!

  28. ‘You’re going to have to speak up, because the mental lecture my mother’s memory is giving me right now is rather loud.’
    -Malachi to Ava
    The Secret

  29. So many, MANY great quotes. Here is my favorite of the moment, “These bastards owe me their fucking loyalty for a reason and if I tell them to hold your fucking handbag and paint your toenails, they’ll bloody do it!” He spun at the guard who was standing silently by the door. “If you ever paint her toenails, I’ll fucking kill you.”-Terry to Gemma-Building From Ashes

  30. His voice was low and thick with tension. “Get that out of your system?” “Felt a little like kissing my brother.” He dropped the towel and tugged her into the room. “This won’t.”

    This whole section made me chuckle with gooey ness. Lol Fantastic Books as always.

  31. I haven’t got my Kindle handy to find the truly great lines from Tenzin & Ben, but this from the Prologue of Shadows & Gold has them both in a nutshell:
    Ben “Aren’t you a real Chinese person?”

    Tenzin “Define Chinese. And person.”

    Ben “I see your point…”

  32. When does the audio book release? I assumed it would be out yesterday as well… but it is no where to be found. 🙁
    Is it released somewhere besides audible?
    Help. I need that book!

      • That was my question too. I listened to the first 2 but looks like I’ll have to *read* this one. It’s worth it though. This is a great series. Now if I can just find time to finish The Secret before my sister does!

  33. goodness, it was hard to come up with a single quote i love. i actually teared up when listening to THE SCRIBE because your writing is so lovely! can’t wait for the audio version of THE SECRET.

    “Thousands of you, Scribe. One of her.” from THE SCRIBE did resonate with me in particular, though. it’s so multi-layered to me, beyond the obvious need to sacrifice himself for Ava. thanks for the chance to win the books!

  34. [Carwyn] smiled. “Why don’t you just let me take care of you for a bit? … Will you let me, Brigid?” Please. (Building From Ashes)

    Although “Count Stuffy della Prissypants…” (A Hidden Fire) is awfully high on my list as well.

  35. I posted earlier but I don’t think it was accepted so sorry if this duplicates somehow.

    It’s really difficult to pick one line. Your writing is so lovely, I actually teared up while listening to THE SCRIBE.

    Aside from the obvious meaning of the words, of Malachi having to sacrifice, “Thousands of you, Scribe. One of her.” really resonates with me. It feels so multi-layered.

    Thanks for the chance of winning these books! Can’t wait for the audio of THE SECRET.

  36. I am only about half way through “The Secret” and oh my and the secrets just keep getting better and better. I had a hard time picking a line there were too many I liked for many different reasons. Some were so sweet and romantic, others thought provoking and then others might have been considered spoilers. So I went with a Barak line 🙂

    “Balance…In our arrogance, we have forgotten how the universe loves it. No world can exist for so long without balance.” – Barak

  37. “There’s a darkness,” she whispered. “And it scares me so much.”
    “Do not fear the darkness.”
    “And when the darkness is in me? Should I fear it then?”
    “No,” he said, lifting her hand from his neck, knitting their fingers together. “Look, my love, there is light, too.”

    “We were meant to be like this,” he whispered. “Two halves of the same soul. Dark and light together.”

    My favorite lines from The Secret! I love this series! One of my favorites!!

  38. I came across your Novel by chance. I often come across the best things by luck and I am grateful that your books were one of those things. I think it’s been a long time since I fell in love with a book. Your lead Beatrice in the first novel is the ideal woman for me. Strong yet funny. Eager to learn and of course a fan of reading ancient manuscripts. I’ve just competed your first series Elemental Mysteries and I know I’m a little slow considering the books that I still have in front of me but I finished Elemental series in two weeks so I’ll catch up in a month or so.
    Your characters is what I love about your character. Tenzin is my favourite by the way. Every single character have me laughing and wondering. The sarcasm and humour that drips from your book have me rolling around. I love how you show me the whole world by just sitting in one place. Either it be Mountains, Valleys, Rome, etc. History is a strong point for me. It maybe inaccurate but I still love it.
    Looking forward to reading more of your books.

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