LOTS OF NEWS! And Buffy gifs (okay, yes, mostly Spike) for fun.

(All gifs today courtesy of the awesome aikobot at goodbyepiccadilly.tumblr.com. Check out her tumblr if you’re a Buffy fan.)


So much news! Writing news! Publishing news! Sale news!


(No. No, I don’t have any little marshmallows, Spike. Way to make me feel inadequate. Moving on.)

Okay, okay. Writing news first: I’m happy to say that I’m back in Elemental land and working on the next full length novel in the Elemental World. This book features Murphy (the vampire leader of Dublin we met in Building From Ashes) and Anne (who was Brigid’s therapist) and I’m so happy, you guys! This is the reason I take time away from each of these worlds and work on other ones. Because by the time I get back, I am so excited to be writing in this world again. Have I mentioned lately that I love vampires?

I do. I love vampires.


(I like you too, Spike. I really, really do.)

So, that’s the writing news. The publishing news is something I hinted at a while back and hoped I could make happen. And with the help of my rockstar editor and proofreader, I was able to.

THE SECRET: Irin Chronicles Book Three will be available almost two weeks early on March 19th! That’s a week. From TODAY!


(Hello to you tooooo—Wait, were you talking about me or the book? Me, right? Right?)

And last but definitely not least, for those of you who have NOT picked up the Irin Chronicles yet—


(What? NO THEY DON’T! Spike, none of my readers have stupid hair. Just stop.)

The Secret Promo 6

The first two books of the Irin Chronicles are on sale for the next week! Yep, that’s right. For one week only, you can get The Scribe for just $0.99 and The Singer for only $2.99! At Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks… basically wherever you buy your ebooks, you should be able to grab these two books for cheap.

Bye until next week, everyone! 


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  1. Hi Elizabeth. I am a BIG fan of your books and I can not wait for The Secret to come out. I have to say, you are the only author I own all books from and I will continue to do so because I love your work so much. I love that you’ve gone back to writing in the Elemental World. I look forward to reading Murphy and Anne’s adventure. I do love all your worlds and I have re-read The Singer in preparation for the The Secret. Thanks for the early release by the way. Happy face!

    Thumbs up on the Buffy gifs!

  2. I believe all Amys have very smart hair. I am trying to find my picture of me with Spike and have been unsuccessful thus far. I cannot believe I’ve never scanned that sucker. (Maybe my hair isn’t as smart as other Amy’s?)

  3. My favorite Spike moment was when he realized Buffy had ‘come back’ and who he was seeing was the real Buffy and not BuffyBot. The expression changes he pulled off as she came down the stairs were nothing short of phenomenal. Buffy is my all time favorite tv series and I think I have all 7 years committed to memory.

  4. Next week is going to be an awesome week between Kristen Ashley releasing ‘Soaring’ on Monday, and you releasing ‘The Secret’ on Thursday. I’d say my life is complete…but I haven’t read Murphy and Anne yet. So many more good reads!

  5. i love buffy, but love your books more. the third cover is beautiful, and i can not tell you how amazing all three books look together in a line, they really work perfectly, like you made them all at the same time (which i am assuming that you did not). well done to your cover artists. xxx

  6. Time to read The Scribe and The Singer again to refresh my memory in time for The Secret. Six more sleeps….Guess I have to be a bit more patient waiting for Murphy.

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