ARC Winner and a teaser from THE SECRET

Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for all your enthusiasm about the cover reveal on Wednesday. I’m happy to report that awesome reader and blog regular Pugratt was the winner of the ARC contest here on the blog. (Email me!)

Over on my Facebook Author page, the lovely Susan Buckley won an ARC on Wednesday. She emailed me last night to share a favorite passage and suggest I share it with you guys, too, because it would make a great teaser.

She’s so right!

It would make a great teaser, so I’m sharing it here with you guys. Hope you have a great weekend!

All the best, Elizabeth

Teaser from THE SECRET…

They started up the stairs. Ava could hear someone snoring loudly.

“I feel like it should bother me more that you’re so good at breaking and entering.”

“Why?” Apparently, Malachi was no longer concerned with security. His voice was louder. He pulled out the earbud and tucked it in a small pocket of the vest he was wearing. “I’ve been doing this kind of thing for three hundred years. Trust me, it’s a lot less messy than it used to be. I don’t break and enter for personal gain. It’s just a useful life skill.”

“Useful life skills are starting a campfire or… knowing how to tie really good knots.”

“I know how to do those things, too.” He tugged her close and leaned down to her ear. “Give me one weekend without a world-changing revelations,” he whispered, “and I’ll show you my knot-tying skills.”

The color rushed to her face. “Bad man. Very bad man.”

He chuckled. “You wouldn’t be saying that by the end of the weekend.”

Copyright 2015, Elizabeth Hunter

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