Writing news: THE SECRET release and getting back to the Elemental World

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Hello everyone! I’m hoping to do a cover reveal for THE SECRET sometime this week, so hopefully you’ll be able to see what the lovely artists over at Damonza have been working on soon.

The official release for THE SECRET: Irin Chronicles Book Three is March 31st, 2015! If you’re a reviewer who is interested in taking part in the release, please fill out the ARC/COVER request form here and let me know.

Readers have been asking about a pre-order for THE SECRET, so I wanted to let you know what was up. I am NOT doing one for this book. The pre-order system that Amazon and Smashwords have set up means I’d need to push back the release date to have everything in order and ready to go (which is totally understandable, of course) but that means I can probably get the book to you SOONER if I don’t do a pre-order. While the final deadline is March 31st, but I’m hoping to actually have the book in reader hands before that.

The easiest way to keep up with my new releases is my New Release Mailing list that is ONLY for new releases. The VIP reader list is for extras and newsletter kind of stuff (I need to send you guys a new letter, by the way. it’s been WAY too long.) but the New Release list is ONLY for new releases. So if you don’t want to miss anything, that’s the one to sign up with.

As for other writing news…

I’m getting a few questions about whether THE SECRET will be the last book in the series. I’ve updated my FAQ over on the Irin Chronicles page with the answer to that, but I’ll tell you here that it won’t be. I will be writing more in this world, because there are really a lot more stories that can be told. I’ll probably take a break, though. Just like the Elemental World, I don’t want to get burned out.

Speaking of the Elemental World! I’m starting to outline Murphy and Anne’s book (Both were introduced in Building From Ashes) and I’m having a great time. It’s so great to be back writing about vampires. I’m having a blast. (In between wanting to bash my head on my computer keyboard because I’m editing, of course.) So be looking for the next Elemental World novel late this summer (hopefully) and then I’ll be back in Cambio Springs to write Ollie and Allie’s story. (Can’t wait!)

So that’s what happening in writing world for me. Hope you’re all doing well!

Take care, Elizabeth

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  1. I cannot wait for The Secret to be released, such a wonderful story so far. I’ve actually been listening to the audiobooks whilst I’ve been at work. Zachary Webber has done a superb job of narrating them, his voice is perfect, so damn sexy and his various accents are very good. So, I was wondering when the new book will be available on audio. I can’t imagine finishing Ava and Malikis story without hearing it through Zacs voice….hehe. So thrilled to hear you’ll be writing more on this series……love love love your writing Elisabeth!

  2. March 31st can’t come too soon..and now I’ll go back and re-read the 1st 2 so I will be ready to read the new one…and another Elemental World book later this year, you spoil us….

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