Celebration time: THE SECRET is complete! (With all the usual caveats.)

Let the minions dance, my friends. Let them shake their little yellow tushies in celebration. Because the first draft of THE SECRET… is finished.


Yes, yes. I know you’re all excited. Trust me, I am too. I spent most of yesterday visiting with my mom, who had a completely routine medical thing, but has to lay low for a while, which (being my mom) she finds very frustrating. But today I might just sleep. Because… yeah, this book has put me through the wringer.

minion-stuart-google-plus-coverAnd of course I’m not done yet! Revising and editing needs to happen, but I’m happy to say an end is in sight. And not even a year after the second book was released! (COUGHCOUGH everyone sending me nasty emails and messages about how late the book is needs to just calm down COUGHCOUGH)

But of course, I will not know a release date until I can hash things out with my lovely editor and get all the order stuff out. I would expect it to be early spring if not (hopefully) a little sooner.

despicable_me_2_minions-wideIt’s a big ‘un. At over 100K words, THE SECRET is my longest book since Building From Ashes. And it kind of needed to be. I can also say with confidence I will be writing in this series some more (as I did with the Elemental World) but I do anticipate taking a pretty substantial break. Don’t worry. Ava and Malachi’s story is wrapped up in this book, but like Gio and Beatrice, I’m sure they’ll end up popping up in others.

Don’t ask me if I love this book right now, because I’m still all emotional about it. I’m pretty sure I WILL love it fairly soon. But this has been the hardest book I’ve ever written. It has some of my favorite moments ever. It has some things that ripped my heart out. And moments that made me cry happy-tears, too. Ava and Malachi are very close to my heart. I hope you’re as excited about the conclusion of their story as I am.

So for now… let the minions dance.


Best always, Elizabeth

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  1. for de-stressing, I suggest writing many emails to asshats who email about the book being late, and then PUBLISHING THEM HERE. Because, I want to read some authorial angst!

  2. Amaze-a-ballz! You, of course, Rock!
    Take all the time you need.
    I love the minions!
    Thank you again, for writing and sharing your stories.

  3. Congratulations on completing The Secret. I can’t wait until it is available! You deserve some time to recharge your batteries, so we, your fans, will be patient. Excited, but patient. This one will be worth waiting for!

  4. Awesome news, Elizabeth! I’m eagerly waiting for spring – and The Secret is just one of many reasons why. Dancing along with the minions…

  5. Congratulations! I think I’m going to do a re-read of the first two books in anticipation. I want to be fully immersed in the world when the new book comes out!

  6. You deserve a break! I can’t imagine loving any other couple as much as I love Gio & B. You made me shed tears for them and so I wait eagerly for the SECRET to see if Ava & Malachi will affect me the same way. You’ve already got me hooked on them….

  7. Everything you have been feeling will be there in the book and that is why they are are so brilliant you wear your heart on your sleeve and I’m glad I’m able to be apart of your wonderful imagination xx

  8. Congratulations! I really look forward to the finished work. Don’t listen to any of the “hate mail” about release dates; you publish faster that any other author I know! Thank you for keeping us posted, and hope you can get some much-deserved rest!

  9. So excited to hear this news. I loved the Elemental World books, then fell in love with this series. You create such wonderful characters and worlds.

  10. congratulations on finishing your first draft, that must be a great feeling. i hope that your mum will be back to normal in no time and that you can rest and de-stress after the emotional writing process. also, screw the people complaining and sending you bitchy e-mails – that is so uncalled for! good manners cost nothing people!!!! xx <3 xx

  11. I hope your mom is ok and recouping well. Always hard to sit still. Glad the end is in sight! So excited for the Secret!

  12. So happy to hear that this book is finished, but sad to know that this is essentially the end of Ava’s and Malachi’s story. I have loved this couple more than any other that you have written. I am looking forward to the book and congratulate you on your accomplishment.

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