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Before I get to ALL THE NEW STUFF to read, I wanted to thank you guys for one of my best release days ever for ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN, the new duo of Christmas novellas I released yesterday with Grace Draven. Grace and I both wanted to thank you guys for reading (and hopefully reviewing!) the book. It was so fun for me to be back with Gio and Beatrice for the holidays, so I’m glad you enjoyed visiting them, too.

Now, onto the new stuff!

You wanted to read today, right? Because there’s LOTS of new stuff to read and Shadows and Gold Chapter Ten is only one of them. You can read the new chapter HERE.

A quick word about Shadows and Gold publication: The last chapter will post next week. And that’s really the end of the novella! But there will be an additional epilogue for those of you who want to buy the book once it’s published, which should be on December 15th. I don’t have a cover yet! I’m so sorry. They’re working on it. Also, I will be doing a paperback copy of this little book, and that will also be available on or around December 15th.

Nether_UpdatedCover_700In addition to ALL THE STARS, the excellent Colleen Vanderlinden published the fifth and final book in her Hidden Series last week. If you haven’t been paying attention, Hidden is an indie-published Urban Fantasy series that’s been garnering a LOT of attention from critics. Vanderlinden was even nominated for an RT award. NETHER is the last book in the series, so for those of you who like reading series when they’re all finished, now is the time to check this author out! LOST GIRL is the first book (which I read and loved) and you can buy it here. And NETHER is available here. Happy reading!

Night_Shift_260Also available today is an anthology from some of my favorite authors, NIGHT SHIFT. This anthology has Ilona Andrews (a Dali and Jim story!), Nalini Singh (a new Psy-changling story!), Lisa Shearin (who is new to me), and Milla Vane (super-secret pen name of Meljean Brook, who is awesome.) I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my Kindle for when I get a spare minute or twenty. You can buy it on Amazon, or I’m sure it’s available at your favorite retailer.

I probably won’t be posting again before Thanksgiving, so for my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving! And to my international readers, try to find some corn bread stuffing and turkey if at all possible. They’re delicious.

Have a great week and thanks for reading,


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  1. Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter, I read THE sample for ALL the stars look down..unfortunately I don’t have any money TO purchase THIS new novella.. I am SO kicking myself in the butt for that… I do love your books..have a great THANKSGIVING day WITH your family AND maybe next year Will be better FOR ME…love your books… sincerely, Donna arsenault…

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