An all-new Elemental Mysteries novella is now available!

Hey! You know how I’ve always said I was never going to write another Gio and Beatrice book? Well, I haven’t… exactly.


I have, however, written a very fun Christmas novella for them that is now available to purchase in ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN, a pair of Christmas romances that I wrote with Grace Draven.


974420_10203580335841794_462988901_nYep! It’s available right now. No waiting. No preorder.


Grace Draven has contributed an amazing novella called SUNDAY’S CHILD, a beautiful story that combines modern day romance, Norse Mythology, and a whole lot of Christmas wishes. I have contributed LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, a novella that features Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo in an all new mystery (don’t worry, this one is resolved in one book) joined by some new characters in the Elemental world.

And you can get both stories for only $2.99! (Which is what I usually charge for ONE novella, so this is a real bargain.) Take a look at the synopsis for LOST LETTERS here:

Christmas in Rome wasn’t quite what Giovanni and Beatrice had in mind, until a set of misplaced letters leads them back to their library in the heart of Italy in a brand-new novella for ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN.

Serafina Rossi wasn’t expecting vampires for Christmas. But as the director of the Vecchio Library, she couldn’t refuse to help. And if part of that help was spending the holiday in Rome examining mysterious letters at the Vatican… Well, she couldn’t exactly refuse.

Zeno Ferrara was an immortal whose eternity was dedicated to examining historical correspondence. But it was letters from the lovely director of the Vecchio Library that occupied his thoughts. Two years of correspondence has made Fina Rossi more than a mystery to be discovered. She’s become his fascination.

When Fina shows up at Zeno’s library just before Christmas, will they both discover an unexpected gift? And will a centuries-old mystery finally be resolved as Giovanni and Beatrice track down a clandestine romance lost in time? Return to the Elemental Mysteries in Lost Letters and Christmas Lights, a special Christmas novella.



Seriously, this is a dose of pure holiday happy. I pretty much grinned the whole time. I loved being able to visit Gio and Beatrice again, and the new characters, Zeno and Fina (who you met at the end of A Fall of Water) I’m just kind of in love with. A lot.

And SUNDAY’S CHILD is just as good! But then, everything that Grace writes is great, so that’s not really a surprise.

So fly to Rome (in your mind, if not on a plane) and grab ALL THE STARS FALL DOWN today.



(It will eventually be available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and all the usual suspects, but it has to distribute through Smashwords first, so it may be a few days.)

Hope you enjoy! And spread the word. Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone!

Best wishes, Elizabeth

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  1. Going to buy it right now. Cannot wait to read it! Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise 🙂 Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. See, this proves you can do another B and Gio without disrupting their lives. What about B & Gio and Carwyn & Brigid on some “non-disrupting” adventure? I guess that shows how much of a B and Gio fan I am.


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