Tenzin Tuesday: Chapter Nine of Shadows and Gold is now available.


“I’m tired of talking about Stephen,” she said. “Touch me and don’t speak, or I’ll go back to the house.”

He chuckled. “So bossy. I’m not the one who angered you. Don’t take it out on me.”

“Fine. You may speak. But not about Stephen.”

“Benjamin Vecchio, then.”

She scowled and called up a gust of wind, knocking him out of the boat and into the water. When he rose above the surface, he was laughing.

“Oh, I missed you, cricket.”

IMG_7464Another chapter of Shadows and Gold is up! You get to meet Cheng. Do you hate him? Hopefully you won’t after this chapter. He’s an interesting character, and I have plans for him. I’m also waiting on the cover for Shadows and Gold. When I have it, I’ll send it out to the VIP Reader list, so if you haven’t signed up for that, please do!

Hopefully, you all caught the news about the new covers for the Elemental Mysteries. (If you didn’t, the post is HERE.) The brand new novella featuring Gio and B, Lost Letters and Christmas Lights, will be published soon in the ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN collection. No preorder, but I’ll be sure to blast it when the links are live!

Other news…

I think that’s it! For now. Enjoy the new chapter. Two more to go, and then you’ll get the epilogue when it’s published. Not long now!

Have a great week, Elizabeth


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  1. Oh, I am getting so spoilt! I follow Illona’s Clean Sweep serial, but sometimes they miss their weekly “tidbit” to the masses of readers… you never do. I’m getting more and more hooked. And other 5 books about Ben and Tenzin’s adventures. Arhgh. However will I cope?

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