Everything old is new again. (Especially Elemental Mysteries covers.)


So I’ve been holding on to some news for… a while. But if you were very sneaky over the weekend and read Ilona Andrew’s blog, you might already know what I’m going to say. I’m so excited. And nervous. And excited!


The Elemental Mysteries have gotten a facelift!

I KNOW! Do you love them? I love them. I’ve been wanting to give the series a revamped (ha! no pun intended) look for a while now. A HIDDEN FIRE has been out for over three years now. Did you even realize that? I feel kind of old typing that. So, yes. New look. Fancy dress for Christmas, if you will.

So—wait, what?

Ooooh, that. Okay, okay, I know. Everyone calm down. You were looking. You were all excited. They’re so pretty! And then…


“But Elizabeth, there are… faces.”

You’re right. There are FACES.

“But Elizabeth, you don’t do faces! That is clearly NOT Beatrice OR Giovanni on the cover of A Fall of Water!”

Well, um, no. It’s not. Because of course, Beatrice and Gio are fictional characters who exist in our imaginations and on the page. I’ll admit, I was… a little unsure when I first saw them myself. In fact, quite unsure. I mean, it was a gorgeous cover, but…


freeman judging

In fact, I sent it back to the cover artist (Damonza, in case you were wondering. They did an AMAZING job, as they always do. They’re awesome.) and I said, “Send me another with no faces!”


(Okay, I didn’t smash any coffee cups, but you get the idea.)

So, being the awesome cover artists they are, Damonza sent me one with no faces! And…

I didn’t like it as much.

See, the more I looked at that cover, the more it drew me in. In fact… I kind of loved the whole thing. I love the library (of course), I love the strong water element, and I love the columns. And those models… well, they’re actually pretty close to what I picture! (But of course, it’s okay if they’re not what YOU picture. Because yay books! They’re awesome that way.) I love how amazingly badass Beatrice looks without being in one of those really awkward cover model poses. I love that Giovanni has an expression on his face that says “I’m an intelligent individual and not just pretty.” (He also has clothes!) And I love that it’s the last book of the series and we get to see… FACES.

So, in the end, I did what I was not expecting and I put faces on the covers of one of my Elemental Mysteries books. In fact, A Fall of Water may be my favorite of the four new covers. But really, I love them all. I love the colors. The depth. As much as I loved the old covers, I feel like these really reflect the series very well.

So, if you don’t like it, that’s cool. But I do! And since they’re my books…


The paperbacks will soon hit all the usual places to buy if you want to get paperbacks. Same prices and all that. Might take a few days to show up, though.

Now, for those of you who really, really love the original covers, good news! The original Elemental Mysteries covers are still available from Createspace. They’re not in distribution, because I wanted to maintain a unified look for the series, but they are available in paperback. You can find the links here.

Tomorrow is Tuesday! That means I’ll have another chapter of Shadows and Gold posted for Tenzin Tuesday. And that is all. So lay it on me in the comments! What do you think? Do you have a favorite new cover?

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  1. I love the “feel” of all of them, also the colors! But……The Force of Wind is my fave and A Fall of Water is definitely my least favorite. It’s all your fault, actually. You got me started on David Gandy and he’s been my Gio since day one! So, yeah, that guy on the cover kind of throws me off. But, no worries, I hope the updated covers sell a bunch more books for you. You deserve it! 😉

  2. I love them! All of them, faces and all! I’m excited to show them to my fellow bookworm-friends to whom I have been going on (and on) about your writing. These beautiful covers belong on your amazing stories!

  3. I don’t like to see faces on my favorite books, but I have to admit they’re really cool. My Gio’s still Giulio Berruti, hehehe but seriously really cool covers!! My favorite is The Force Of Wind.
    Congrats on the three year anniversary!!! I am sooooo happy I got to read your books, they’re my favorites!!

  4. The covers are very cool. They remind me somewhat of the covers of Cassandra Clare’s books. I’m also not so into the faces, I prefer my imagination, but hopefully, others will be taken in by them!

  5. I love them! The uniformity of the library mixed with settings/scenes from each book really draws you in. The faces chosen capture Gio and B very well! As always, keep up the excellence, and thank you for all you do!

  6. Love them! Abs on a Monday! Yes!
    and I love, love that B isn’t in one of those awkward poses.
    I like the leather jacket going from him to her, and back to him.
    One of my favorite series to re-read.

  7. Love them and love the B face, not so much the Gio face. Not how I see him at all. Still one of my favorite series of books though!

  8. Hmm – just bought/read the EM and EW books (and the Irin Chronicles) in the last week. I have to say the new EW covers are pretty – I like the colours/library, but 3 & 4 look more like UF than PNR. I’d feel misdirected if I’d bought them in a bookshop. Having said that I bought mine on Kindle; as a recommendation from Grace Draven’s blog; so Grace’s recommendations trumped the covers anyway …and they aren’t the first in the series… Hope they sell well.

  9. Well I have to admit, as beautiful as the covers are Gio was totally not what I pictured. LOL I love the new covers though I know at one point in the past you talked about updating the covers, and I think they were great choices! Great job Elizabeth.

  10. Wow! So completely different to the original covers. Hmm when I saw them first I was not sure but the more I look at them the more I like them. And as you said they are your books. Well done Elizabeth, fab job. Love your books.

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