New chapter of Shadows and Gold has posted.

There is a new chapter of Shadows and Gold posted HERE.


She settled into the seat across from him and Ben kept driving. By his calculation, they had a little over two hours of full night left. Then, Tenzin could crawl in the cubby hole for the rest of the trip, as far as he was concerned. He had half a mind to leave her in the middle of Xinjiang and fly home. Only the lure of the gold and garnet Thracian necklace carefully packed with the rest of her cache and surrounded by wilted vegetables made him stick with the truck.

Mercenary? Maybe. But then, he was traveling with a mercenary. Tenzin didn’t lie about that. Why would she when she enjoyed it?

Ben glanced at her, but her eyes were closed and she was doing the meditating thing she did when she was tuning the world out.

The question of Tenzin’s mental state was one Ben had thought long and hard over.

She was crazy. That had never been in question. Ben figured that anyone who’d lived as long as Tenzin and seen a fraction of what he imagined—and Ben had a vivid imagination and a good grasp of history—would be unbalanced. She had moments when he could swear she wasn’t even in the room with him. Moments when she’d turn to him and a second of insanity was caught in her eyes. Cold. In that second, Ben knew she didn’t know him. Didn’t know anything except whatever inner rage forced her to keep living as long as she had.

Then she blinked and she was herself again.

Crazy? Yes. And funny. Sarcastic. Caring. Pragmatic. The oddest combination of child and ancient he’d ever seen or ever would see.

Ben could accept it, because it was just… Tenzin. If he didn’t want to deal with it, he wouldn’t spend time with her.

He knew his anger would wane eventually, and she’d have him again. The next time she had some scheme or adventure, she’d lure him into it and he’d go, knowing it would all go to hell at some point and he’d deal.

Because it was Tenzin.

Next to him, she pulled her legs up onto the seat and wrapped her arms around them, settling her chin on her knees as she gazed at the moon. He could see the slight smile curve her lips from the corner of his eye.

“You like the rush,” she whispered.


“Someday, you’ll stop lying to yourself about it. It doesn’t make you a bad person, you know, to like the rush. It makes you feel alive. Reminds you that you are the one who survives.”

Ben tried not to think about it. Because then he’d start questioning his own mental state.


I also wanted to post the trailer for a new show that looks like a total blast. I think Elemental Mysteries fans will love it.


Yeah, I’ll totally be watching.

Have a great week, everyone!


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  1. That looks like a great show! I’m a big fan of Christian Kane from his Leverage days. Plus John Laroquette? Fun cast!

  2. Loved the new chapter, thanks! And just posted on my calendar for this premiere – it definitely looks like fun, and I think my own medium-boy will like it!

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