It’s heeeeere! DESERT BOUND is now available.

“I like that you interrupt me calling you sexy to tell me the scientific name of what I’m kissing.” He nipped her throat. “It’s hot.”

~ Desert Bound, Available Now



Today is release day for DESERT BOUND: Cambio Springs Book Two. Thanks to everyone who is participating in the promotion for the release. So many of you have blogged about this, reviewed it, and preordered the book. And I want to thank you so sincerely. Early reviews have been great!

Typical Distractions

“Elizabeth Hunter is a paranormal writing genius. She takes unique themes and elements and creates a world that I never want to escape! I have read few shape shifting books that I truly enjoyed (for some reason the theme has never been well written when I try to dive in), yet this series has raised the standard to the highest level and I will never be able to go back!”

Jeannie Zelos

“[Desert Bound] is a great story, fabulous setting, a range of shifters from birds to wolves and cats to snakes…and each have their own part to play.”

And here’s a short video message for you guys.

Much love, everyone.


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