Tenzin Tuesday: New chapter of Shadows and Gold

I finally decided on a title for the novella that I like! SHADOWS AND GOLD will be the title of this Elemental World novella. So many thanks to the readers who offered suggestions and ideas. I wanted to include something about the gold they’re going after, and while “Shadows and Gold” wasn’t a direct suggestion, many thanks to reader Amy Schmidt Martin for her idea of “In Shadows” which led me to the eventual title.

Titles are a funny thing. Some of them I slave over. Some of them hit me very quickly. I tend to like short titles for two reasons. They’re easier for me to remember, and they also look cleaner on the cover. It’s a personal thing. The titles for the Elemental Mysteries all came from classic philosophical or poetic works. Some of them simply have an element that “feels” right. It’s a weird process sometimes. But Shadows and Gold feels right for this story, so I’m sticking with it.

The next chapter of Shadows and Gold is HERE. Please enjoy. Once again, I have no idea how long this novella will be! It may be more of a short novel. Who knows? We’re still in the first act with four chapters down, so it may be longer than I expected. Still doing one chapter a week as I’m getting into promotion for final formatting for DESERT BOUND while working on drafting The Secret, as well.

ALSO, I wanted to highlight a new feature for readers, which is the VIP Reader mailing list you can sign up for over on the right there. (See it? There’s a link.) I’ve had a new release mailing list for a while now, but the VIP Reader newsletter will be for more than just new releases. These are going to be newsletters filled with extras like first looks at new work, exclusive teasers and contests, and bonus shorts and scenes. It’s going to be more “bonus features” than new books or sales. So if you want to be on that list, please sign up today. I probably won’t do more than one a week or so (if that) so I can promise I’m not going to flood your inbox.

I think that’s it! Hopefully, I’ll get more written on The Secret tomorrow, but for now, I need to go do the final formatting for the paperback edition of DESERT BOUND, which releases A WEEK FROM TODAY! (Yay formatting…) So excited for you guys to read it!

Have a great one, Elizabeth

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