Tenzin Tuesday: New chapter of the Elemental World novella has posted!

Night market in Urumqi.

Night market in Urumqi.

Thanks for your understanding last week while I was in Vienna doing research for The Secret. I had a great, very productive trip which I’ll post more about later this week, along with some exciting release news about DESERT BOUND which comes out in 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS! I hope you’re ready for Alex and Ted! I love that couple.

Until then, this should tide over readers looking for an Elemental fix. A new chapter of the Ben and Tenzin novella! By the way, I’m still taking suggestions for titles on this one. I can’t decide. So feel free to offer suggestions in the comments. If I pick your title, I’ll send you a copy of the novella when it’s published.

Here’s the link!

A short teaser from Chapter Three…

They walked through the market after the sun set, enjoying the smell of spices and cooking oil that filled the air. The night market in Ürümqi was a melange of faces, scents, and colors. Children ran about in brightly colored dresses and shirts. Stylish Uyghur women in intricately embroidered hijab surveyed wares with a critical eye. Caps and scarves. Bread and fruit. Everything was for sale in the market that night.

“You fit here,” he said, looking around.

“I fit where? China?” Tenzin asked.

“Here. In Xinjiang.”

It was true. He’d never been able to place Tenzin’s appearance. She was Asian, for certain, but didn’t have the typical features of the Han Chinese who dominated the Western view of China. Tibetan? Mongolian, maybe? He didn’t suppose those kind of labels existed in her human years.

Her complexion was pale, but much of that had to do with her vampiric nature. Her eyes were a cloudy grey, but that could have happened during her transformation however many thousand years before. There was no way of knowing what she’d looked like as a human, but she’d been turned in her late teens or early twenties. Of that, he was fairly sure.

And in Central Asia—with its fascinating mix of people—she did, somehow, fit.

Tenzin shook her head, lifting the corner of her mouth in a smile. A hint of her ever-present fangs peeked out. “I don’t fit anywhere, Ben.”

“Whatever, oh ancient and mysterious one.” He nudged her shoulder to head down an alley that smelled particularly savory. “You fit with me.”

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  1. I have a few ideas for the title. Where the Wind Takes Me, Where the Wind Blows, Traveling Winds, Whispered in the Wind, A Gust of Wind , Love in the Air, Winds Destiny. Hope one of these ideas helps you.

  2. Loved this! I can’t wait for the novella – let alone the whole “Benzin” story to unfold!! Ideas for title, though, that’s tough! Especially since I’m only guessing the vibe of the story with the snippets! Since it seems like this could be the pivotal change in their relationship why not Winds of change, Breathless, or breathe for me? Just a thought. 😉 lol

  3. The story is unfolding beautifully! You are such a tease! I’m not especially creative when it comes to titles, but going with the less is more approach I suggest Treasured.

  4. Am loving the story so far. I can see how the Tenzin and Ben story would be a challenge to write, esp w/ Tenzins history, but it seems to be going well! Title suggestions, Ancient Bargain, The Wind of Bargain, Trade Winds, Changing Winds.

  5. My idea is “Treasure in the Wind” – it has a nice double meaning, assuming both that the treasure is going to be a problem to get (or even missing when they first arrive to get it) and that Ben and Tenzin end up together. (like A Fall of Water – both Livia falling from power and the fall where Beatrice lets the water down)

  6. Yeah, not good with the serious titles. I just keep thinking “Ben and Tenzin Story Foreplay”. Is that wrong 😉

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