Cover Reveal: DESERT BOUND

I kept debating the who and how and where of the whole DESERT BOUND cover reveal thing. And I was remembering to the golden nostalgic days of… 2012. Oh, the olden days, when if you had a new cover, you just posted it on your website and everyone commented or tweeted or shared it on Facebook and that was that. Readers got the news that you had a new book coming out by word of mouth (or, you know, Facebook and Twitter. Kind of the same thing anymore.)

So… I just decided to do that. Here! Have a cover!

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Because I’m super busy right now and my readers are awesome, so I trust you to spread the word. If you think it’s great, share and have at it. You can blog it, if you blog. Facebook it. Print it out and hang it on the bulletin board in your dorm or local coffee shop. Whatever! I love it. It’s by and I think it perfectly captures the mood of the new book, which is coming out on OCTOBER 14th, by the way.


And here is the official synopsis:

Can you turn the clock back on your first love? Would you even want to try?


Alex McCann and Teodora “Ted” Vasquez left Cambio Springs together. Ted came back. Alex didn’t.


Now, years later, the future alpha of the McCann wolves has returned with plans to bring new life to the dying desert community. Plans that could change everything for the isolated enclave of shapeshifters in the California desert. Some love the plan. Others hate it.


As the town’s doctor and one of the strongest daughters in the cat clan, Ted has her own concerns about exposing her community to outsiders. The two former lovers are at each other’s throats. And everyone is watching to see what happens.


But when murder once again strikes Cambio Springs, can they overcome their past to help the community they both call home? And can the love they shared once burn again when so many stand against it?


DESERT BOUND is an adult paranormal romance in the Cambio Springs Mysteries series.



A quick word about pre-orders:

While both Amazon and Smashwords are now doing preorders for all indie authors, they’re also wanting all the files ten days advance to do preordered books. Which I completely understand, because hey, it’s their publishing platform and when everyone is doing preorders, you have to make sure that you have all the files ready to go in time otherwise this could be a huge mess for READERS, who are really the customers, you know?

BUT, for authors, it means I have to get all my stuff back from my editors and proofreaders and format it and then sit on the book for ten days before I release it. Which, I’ve never done. It’s complicated. So I’m going to look at my schedule and see what I can figure out. For YOU readers, just please know that YES, Desert Bound will be available in all the major stores on October 15th, barring some unforeseen catastrophe. And if you follow the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or subscribe to the newsletter, you will know as soon as it’s available.

And that’s all for this Monday, you guys! Hope you like the cover.


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  1. Beautiful and haunting cover. It ties in wonderfully with the Shifting Dreams cover. Oh, I can’t wait!!!! Thank you so much for returning us to Cambio Springs.

  2. I love this series! I like all of them; but this is my favorite! I am so happy this summer to have found you and Grace Draven. I managed to read all of your works and just in time for the release of the “Singer” and i anxiously await the next in that series… but truth be told i would love nothing better then lots and lots of Cambrio Springs stories!

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