What’s up with me? Oh, writing mostly…

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and that’s because I was in hermit mode finishing the first draft of DESERT BOUND, the next Cambio Springs book.

And I’m happy to report that it’s DONE! Whoohoo! 

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That’s right. Alex and Tea’s story is done, except for the revising and editing and proofreading…


So yeah, not really done. but still looking at a fall release. I’ll let you know when I have a date or pre-order links.

Now, in the past, the news of Cambio Springs has not filled my reader’s hearts with glee as Elemental or Irin news has. Which, hey, everyone has their own tastes. I totally get that. BUT, if you haven’t taken the chance on reading any of the Cambio books, let me shamelessly point out a few marks in their favor:



The Cambio Springs series is a series, but it’s interconnected stories in the same town. So all the books are stand-alone. That’s right. It’s all yours. All of it, all at once. Absolutely no cliffhangers. Because of that…

2. These are much more traditional romances.


(Okay, maybe not THAT traditional.) I just mean it’s a guy and a girl and they get into crazy hijinks and fall in love at the end. No, I’m not really spoiling anything, because it’s a ROMANCE (or technically, romantic suspense) so you can see that coming a mile away, right? Sit back and enjoy the fun, because…

3. These books are funny. (I think so anyway. If you think they’re not, let me down gently.)


One of the reasons I have three different series is that sometimes, my brain needs a break from one or the other. The Irin Chronicles, for instance, tend to be quite dark. Cambio is my fun, I-need-some-happy series. Which is not to say bad stuff doesn’t happen (like sudden, gruesome death!), I just try to mix a lot of humor into it.

4. It’s my mom’s favorite. (So, as you can imagine, she wasn’t a big fan of the delay between books one and two. Sorry, Mom.)


5. Snake shapeshifters!

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis helleri)

Yeah, that’s right. All the shifters in Cambio Springs are desert animals of one sort or another. So you know I had to do snakes. There’s even a very brief snake-shifter POV in DESERT BOUND. What? You think I can’t make a snake sexy? REALLY? You’re throwing down that challenge? 

DONE. (And you can read a little teaser that features a snake shifter over on the Facebook page HERE.)

6. Beards and scruff.

I am a fan of facial hair. The Cambio Springs boys indulge my facial hair love in a way that Giovanni—in all his glorious Italian suaveness (it’s a word)—cannot. All love to Giovanni, but come on. Sometimes, a girl just needs to write about scruffy, grubby boys.

So, there are some reasons you should read the Cambio Springs series. You don’t have to, of course, but I think you’ll like it. And if you’re thinking, “Eh… Elizabeth, I’m just not a big shapeshifter fan. Nothing personal.” Just remember how many of you weren’t vampire fans until you read A Hidden Fire.


That’s right. You know who you are. I’ve gotten your letters. Give a shapeshifter a chance.

As for what’s in the cooker once the revising and editing on DESERT BOUND is done, it’s looking roughly like this:

  • Ben and Tenzin’s China novella (which I think I’m just going to wait on and publish all at once, not as a serial)
  • THE SECRET (that is, the third Irin book, which will be the last for Ava and Malachi’s story arc)
  • A Lucien novel/novella in the Elemental World (I don’t know yet if it’s going to be a book or a novella; I keep wavering between the two.)

That should keep me busy for a while! 

And I’ll try to be better about updating the blog and letting you know what’s happening.


For those of you who have not picked up TALL, DARK, AND SUPERNATURAL the bundle that I did with six other authors, it is ON SALE for only .99. This bundle has A Hidden Fire in it, but it also has six other full length paranormal novels, so it’s a great deal.

Be well!


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  1. Count me as one who loves the Cambio Springs series! I’ve read Shifting Dreams at least three times, and sometimes go back and just skim through, reading my favorite interactions between Caleb and Jena. I love it every bit as much as the Elemental World, so please, keep writing!

  2. EH- Don’t be fooled by fickle fans. This old man has read and appreciated everything you’ve written and can’t wait for more, but Cambio Springs is a real favorite. Maybe because it’s so “American West”

  3. Also a big fan of your Cambio Springs! I like a little bit of a lighter story & enjoyed your shapeshifters soooo much.

  4. G*d, yes! Love the Cambio boys for their scruffiness! Although my love for facial hair is rooted (haha) in my even greater love for chest hair. Love the rug! 😉 Kudos for getting Desert Bound completed while also writing the Irin Chronicles – you are a writing ninja!

  5. Oh My Goodness, please do TenIn and Ben as a book and not serials! I don’t think my heart can take serials, but I definitely can wait patiently for 1 book with 0 complaints! I’m really confused about Lucien. He’s so depressed I’m almost afraid of reading anything longer than Waterlocked for him, but then I also really want to know his story – well because he’s OLD!

  6. I was a hold out on the cambio springs books but I finally broke down a few months ago and read shifting dreams, now I’m just as obsessed as with them as the elemental world and can’t wait for desert bound. Being from Palm Desert/Indio might have something to do with feeling connected to them. 🙂 Can’t wait for your upcoming projects, I’ve been hoping Lucien would get his own book!

  7. I can’t wait for the next Cambio Springs book. Caleb was hot and one of my all time favorites. Just loved him and Jenna. All of your books have been great, but Shifting Dreams has been my favorite.

  8. Elizabeth, I have to confess, I really wasn’t sure about the whole shapeshifter thing (but, having said that, as you rightly point out, I wasn’t into vampires pre A Hidden Fire either), and Shifting Dreams was the last of your books I read (pre publication of The Scribe), but I really, really, REALLY loved it. Oh, and Long Ride Home was simply beautiful – couldn’t stop blubbing. I can only come to the conclusion that I would happily read and absorb anything (phone book, shopping list) that you write, you infuriating woman! I will admit I’m currently not 100% sold on the Alex/Ted storyline (he’s too cocky, she’s too stubborn) but I have no doubt that you will somehow completely change my opinion and they will be up there with my all time fictional favourites. Looking forward to publication already and feel free to send any shopping lists etc my way in the meantime …

  9. Now, you may already have guessed but I love and recommend anything you write. And the teasers lately have been just enough to thrill and antagonize me! Each of your series (and stand alone’s) have something to capture in true Elizabeth fashion. I am so thankful I stumbled upon your writing. You are up there in my list of faves. Could be tops if only because I think you are so open and accessible. You’re amazing!

  10. I was introduced to your writing by friends on GR. Started with the Scribe & Singer (L.O.V.E.), then Gio & B, then everyone in the Elemental World (gosh – could you write Baojia & Tenzin any better?). I figured, what the heck, I’ll try Genius and the Muse – I face palmed. Why had I waited to long to read it?! So stupid. So when it came to Cambio Springs, it was a no brainer. I KNOW that everything you write, I will read. Love, Love, Love your writing!!

  11. Oh Elizabeth, there is no place I’d rather be than Cambio Springs! And let me just say, out of all the gorgeous, hunky, sexy men written in the paranormal genre (and I’ve read a million), Caleb Gilbert took top billing for me. He was perfection – probably because of his humor along with all that tall, dark and insane sex appeal. Thank you SO much for Cambio Springs. I’ve been hoping and praying we could get back there for so long!!!! I must have read “Shifting Dreams” at least 6 times by now. Guess I’ll be reading it one more time before Alex and Ted show up! Thanks again, Elizabeth, for your gift. It is so appreciated!

  12. I love ALL of your writing, the characters, humor, story lines…….the men and strong women. Just. Love. Your. Work. Thank you for writing 🙂

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