Off to China and THE SINGER gets 4 stars from RT Magazine!

The_Great_Wall_of_China_at_JinshanlingTomorrow, SmallBoy and I will be heading out the door and off to China for a month of fun and learning. I’m truly excited to be taking this trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my readers. Probably the best way to follow along on the adventure is to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I’ll be posting pictures there as I am able. I’m not sure what my internet access will be in some areas, but I’ll do my best!

“So, why are you going to China? You just taking a month long vacation, E?”

Not exactly. One of the perks of doing what I do for a living is that I can work from anywhere. So, I could work from home, and I do, but I can also choose to pack my son up when he’s out of school and work on the road as I take him places far, far away. So I’ll definitely be working. In fact, the laptop and all the notes for Desert Bound: Cambio Springs Book Two are going with me and I plan on getting a good portion of the book written while we’re gone. In fact, if I wear my nine-year-old son out with sightseeing, it’s possible that I’ll get more work done on the book, not less. (Summer break is hard on working moms.)

120229151535937And of course, travel inspires! Much of the series I’m planning for Ben and Tenzin will be taking place in Asia, so I’ll be checking out cool locations, examining setting, learning about history and custom and language and soaking up all sorts of information I’ll be able to use in the future of the Elemental World. (Also, one of my brother’s friends who lives near the area Tenzin is from says she has FOUND Tenzin’s birthplace. She’s positive. So I need to go investigate. I’ll keep you updated.)

Lots of excitement! And packing! But before I go, I wanted to share a piece of very big excitement that I received when I got my July 2014 copy of RT Magazine in the mail! THE SINGER received a 4/5 star review from Jill M. Smith! Which just… awesome.

“Best known for her Elemental Mysteries, exceedingly talented Hunter new delivers the second book in her new series the [E]rin Chronicles. …The Singer boasts a truly excellent blend of action, treachery and romance that ends with a startling plot twist. Hunter is an author to watch!”

july14coverlargeI’m not even going to lie that I was jumping up and down like a little schoolgirl when I read that. I can just quote that forever, right? Even after all my books, this is my very first review in a print publication, and that’s pretty exciting. Thanks to Jill Smith, who took the time to read the book and write such a thoughtful review. Jill’s a wonderful professional who I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person, so I’m grateful she took the time to read THE SINGER and flattered that she enjoyed it.

That’s all for a while, folks! I’ll be in Beijing on Wednesday, and if you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, I’ll let you know when SmallBoy and I arrive safely. Have a great week!

Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

(Also, a side note to those who were following the whole RT Convention signing drama. I haven’t written anymore about it here, because I kind of felt like it was beat to death and people were piling on RT, which I didn’t like. The convention organizers e-mailed authors and explained their reasoning for the split, along with some of the background to the event and how things when down. While I still feel like communication could have been better, they are obviously listening to authors and readers who were unhappy and trying very hard to make this a well-organized, inclusive event for next year. Like I said in my original post about the signing, RT Magazine has been a pioneer in the book world in accepting and celebrating independent presses and self-published authors, so let’s cut some slack here for the learning curve.)


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  1. Wow – more travel! Hope you find it inspiring! Congrats on the review, what a wonderful feeling it must be.

  2. Congratulations on the review 🙂 We know you’re awesome, glad to hear more readers will have you on their radar now. Have a great time in Xi’an. I hear that the West Lake in Hangzhou is beautiful, as well. It’s about 2.5 hours by land/train outside of Shanghai. In any case, have a wonderful time with SmallBoy. Looking forward to seeing what inspiration springs forth from your travels. Certainly your time in Istanbul was rather fruitful! Cheers, -Lauren

  3. You are aware that you will not be able to access Facebook or Twitter from China? I am not sure about Instagram. Best check it out tonight. Love to you and SB and bring back some cardamom tea.

  4. Congratulations on that review although I would have given you 6 out of 5 for it :o)
    I hope you and small boy have a wonderful time in China and look forward to your return and to your next release. I won’t be able to follow you on FB etc as I don’t “do” them.
    Jackie xx

  5. Congrats on a wonderful review by Jill. It just makes my smile.

    I’m so excited for you and Small Boy’s trip. Have an excellent adventure and stay safe.

  6. I am so excited that you are in China! I am a huge fan of all of your books, and I live in Qingdao, China, a beautiful city between the mountains and sea. I can hardly wait to read the Ben and Tenzin series! I really hope that you enjoy your trip in China and that you find lots of inspiration in the deep history, culture, and unique beauty that can be found in this country.

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