New Audio Editions from have a very exciting announcement that I’ve been holding on to for a while. A bit of the news leaked out last week on Publishers Marketplace, but I’m very happy to announce that Audible, the company that produced the audio editions of the Elemental Mysteries is picking up and producing… well, pretty much everything else I’ve written!

That means, THE SCRIBE and THE SINGER. That means, Shifting Dreams (and hopefully, the next Cambio book, Desert Bound, which will be out later this year.) That means, The Genius and the Muse. That EVEN means, the two Elemental World novellas, Waterlocked and The Bronze Blade.

Yep, even the novellas. (Most novellas don’t get audio editions, so for fans of the series, that’s awesome.)

I’m very pleased about this deal for a few reasons. One, I know there are some of you who just love the audio format (and I know I have some awesome visually impaired listeners, too!) so I’m so pleased my work will be available to you. Two, I was so impressed with Audible’s professionalism and dedication to producing the highest quality audiobooks possible. If you’re an audio fan, please give the Elemental Mysteries/World books a listen.

As for narrators, I don’t have much information right now! I suspect the lovely Dina Pearlman (who narrated the Elemental books) will be doing the Elemental novellas, if she’s available, but I don’t know for sure. There will probably be a different narrator or two for the other series. I’m sure whoever Audible ends up going with will be wonderful.

THE SINGER is out tomorrow! Are you excited? I am! Can’t wait for you guys to read!

Have a great week, Elizabeth

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