Farewell for a little while and a teaser from the second Cambio book

Operation Hide Out and Write has officially commenced, so I’ll be invisible for about a week. I’ll be digging into the manuscript for the next Cambio Springs book while edits finish up on THE SINGER.

To tide you over, here’s a peek from Chapter One of Alex and Ted’s book. Enjoy!


Ted grabbed a pad and headed out to the floor, nodding along to the music. It was a new band. Local boys from Las Vegas, and they were good. The Cave was Ollie’s bar, but all of his closest friends helped out occasionally. It was fun to hang out on quieter nights, and they always drank for free. Jena and Caleb usually got a babysitter for the boys and helped out on the weekends, when live music filled the bar and things were busier. Jena waited tables and made drinks with Ollie while Caleb would hang out and keep things from getting too wild. Having the Cambio Springs Chief of Police in the corner of the room tended to keep out the wilder elements.

Well, the wilder human elements. There wasn’t anything they could do about the shapeshifters. The visiting humans mixed among the locals, never suspecting the large man who served them drinks was a bear on full moon nights. Or the lean guy at the pool table slid into a rattlesnake to sun himself on the hot desert rocks that surrounded the small desert town. The three brothers nodding along to the blues-rock howled at the moon on Friday nights, and that wasn’t just a figure of speech.

She was picking up empties when she felt warm breath on her neck. She was about to turn and bare claws when she heard his voice.

“Hey, Ted.”

Son of a bitch.

Alex McCann leaned down and gave her neck an obvious sniff. Ted tried not to roll her eyes. Wolves. It was all about the nose.

“What are you doing here, Alex?”

He took another deep breath and smirked. “Pissing you off and, apparently, turning you on a little.”

“Go away, Alex.”

“I’m also helping out Ollie. He called and said Jena had to take off. He knew I wasn’t busy tonight.”

“Well, Tracey asked me to help, so you can go home.”

He looked around the chaotic bar and Ted tried to keep a straight face. Even with Ollie and Tracey’s husband Jim behind the bar, Tracey and Ted out on the floor, they were still short-staffed. The Cave wasn’t a large bar, but that night, they were stretching fire code with all the people crammed in to see the band.

Apparently, Alex thought so, too.

“I can stay.”

“Don’t you need to get home?”

He cocked his head. “No, I told you—”

“I mean Los Angeles.” She lifted an eyebrow. “Work on the construction is done for the week. Shouldn’t you be scurrying back?”

He looked close, a quiet look of challenge on his face. “I am home, baby. You’ll get used to it eventually.”

She stepped on the toe of his boot and ground her foot down. “Do. Not. Call. Me. That.”

It didn’t do anything but bring up painful memories.

He clenched his jaw and Ted could see the faint golden glow behind his eyes. “Don’t go furry now, McCann.”

“Then keep your claws in, Vasquez.”

She stepped back and smiled. “You only wish my claws were in you.” She was fairly sure there was a scar or two on his shoulders that proved it.

Alex stepped back, and people cleared a path. They always did. “Patience is a virtue… baby.”

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  1. Cannot WAIT for the next book- I have now read everything you have written and am anxiously awaiting Alex’s (and Ted, I guess, ha!) book. I am pretty sure you could write the next phone book for my city and I would devour that as well. I love your writing and your stories!

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