Our Own Brand of Heroine: A Paranormal Anthology for a great cause.

10156879_722813697763357_2004432626_nSo, I’ve been mumbling about a secret project over on Facebook, and it’s time to announce it. For the first time ever, I’m taking part in an anthology! I don’t do this usually. Like, ever. But when given the chance to work with authors I love, supporting a cause near to my heart (like RAINN), AND giving readers a truly great deal, I wasn’t going to resist.

Our Own Brand of Heroine is a compilation of eight (yes, EIGHT) full length novels, each with a unique heroine that tells her own story. Women in fantasy aren’t always represented in the best light. They can be stereotyped or fetishized. What we wanted to do with this anthology was create a diverse cast of paranormal heroines who represent many different aspects of women in paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

They’re kickass and scared. They’re funny and serious. Brave and vulnerable. Some you’d want to be your best friend. Some, you might not be able to stand hanging out with for more than a half an hour. They’re not one color or one age. They’re from all over the world and have histories as diverse as their mythologies.

They’re smart. But like us, they don’t always make the best decisions. Because, at the end of the day, what they really are is…


See, women in fantasy shouldn’t be one thing. They should be a thousand. A million. They should be every good thing and bad thing a writer can think of. But the last thing they should be is a side note.

We can write our own brand of heroine.


For this collection, I chose to include Shifting Dreams, because Jena is a heroine I can relate to. She’s not a ninja warrior, she’s a chef and a single mom. She’s not a loner, she’s part of a family and a community. When life knocked her down, she didn’t battle through it stoically, she grieved. She hurt. And then she stood up and kept walking forward, even when she wanted to crumble. And the fact that she can shape shift into a hawk just makes her all the more interesting.

Right now, Shifting Dreams retails for $4.99 for the e-book edition. That means, if you buy this one compilation, you’re getting my book for a dollar off the retail price along with seven other amazing novels. For $3.99, you get eight novels by New York Times bestsellers and national and international award winning authors. (And me. They let me in, for some reason.) Writers like Jamie McGuire and Abbi Glines. Writers like Laura Bradley Rede and Lani Wendt Young. Amazing writers. Amazing women.

All of the proceeds from this anthology go to benefit RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence network. It’s also rated one of “America’s 100 best charities” by Worth Magazine. It’s a great organization that works to educate, advocate, and support all those (men, women, and children) who are affected by sexual violence.

So, for this reason, I am asking you to buy this anthology. I never ask you to buy my books. It’s usually more along the lines of, “Hey, I have a new book out! Check here is you’re interested.” But today, I am asking you to buy this. Because it supports a great cause. And you’re getting a great deal.

This is only being offered for ONE MONTH. April 2014. That’s all, folks. So get it today.

And please share the news. Facebook it and tweet is. Do you tumblr? Tumbl this. I want the word to get out about this, because I want Our Own Brand of Heroine to make a splash. Here are the buy links we have right now.




And of course, when you get a chance, please leave an honest review where you bought it! Also, if you are a blogger or you want to borrow the graphics here for social media, have at it! Borrow as much as you like.

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  1. Bought it. 🙂 I’ve read and own your book but I’m sure the others will be just as awesome, and it’s for a great cause!

  2. Wonderful! I’ll definitely be buying a copy! 🙂

    I did something similar last year with the anthology “SuperHERo Tales: A Collection of Female Superhero Stories” – the profits go to the charity “Because I am a Girl.” 🙂

  3. Just bought this and am looking forward to reading it this weekend. Glad to help out such a great cause!

  4. Wow this is a great deal and for such a great cause too. Just purchased my copy! Hope a lot more people do the same.

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