Random Coffee Notes: Verismo System

This is a pure coffee geek post for my readers/fellow authors who are addicted to the stuff.

BV382510VaGenerally, I use a French press for my daily brew. To me, nothing beats the convenience and flavor of that old standby. Plus, less stuff to throw out. No filters or cups. It’s pure coffee. For this reason, my Bonavita electric kettle is possibly my favorite small appliance. So if you like French press or pour over style coffee (like the Chemex, which I also have and use, especially when I have company), I’d highly recommend the Bonavita.

BUT, if you have a friend of family member that likes decaf, or if you just randomly crave a cup of coffee in the afternoon, having a one-cup maker is nice. My dad has a Keurig, which he really likes but I was intrigued by the Verismo by Starbucks. I’d heard that it made very good espresso and it also reminded my brother of a very fancy, very expensive Swiss machine that a former sister-in-law had at one time that made amazing coffee. (The Verismo machine is made in Switzerland, so it’s possibly by the same company, or at least the same technology.)

coffee2So, I decided I’d give the Verismo a try. They’re not cheap, so try to find them on sale, if you can. I’ve been using it for about a month and so far, I’m pretty pleased.

PROS: Good coffee. Hands down, it makes a really nice cup of brewed coffee. Milk pods and espresso pods are also available to make a cafe latte, and those are good too. I do put an extra shot of espresso in, but I do that at the coffee shop, too. For the most part, if you want an occasional cup, this is a great system. The quality is there. It’s also small enough to fit under my counter and has a pretty slim profile, and I like that.

CONS: Expense. It’s not cheap. But then, pod systems never are. I’d break it down this way, it’s more expensive than a French press, where you’re only paying for the beans, but it’s cheaper than a coffee house. For me, the convenience of being able to brew a single cup of decaf for my mom, brew the occasional latte, or make a quick cup while I’m running out the door is worth it. I’ll pay for the convenience, but I won’t use it for everyday brews.



So, I’m happy with it. I think the coffee is stronger than the Keurig system, which is important to me. The taste is excellent, unless you don’t like Starbucks blends, in which case, don’t get the system. It’s Starbucks coffee in a Starbucks system. You’re not going to find Verismo pods with Peets anytime soon. But for me, I like the Starbucks blends, particularly their blonde roasts and their espresso, so this works.

What are your favorite coffee gadgets?

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  1. I have a nespresso citiz pod machine which is now into its 5th year and still going strong. I love the variety of pods available but still missed Illey coffee. So now I’ve also got a Rok espresso press which I’m slowly mastering.

    No addiction here!

  2. Tassimo and Keurig both, like the Tassimo but recently coffee has been a little weak (Horrors!) Think I need a thorough cleaning. I like the availability of the Keurig pods but generally like Tassimo taste better. For a full pot, i am using my old Faberwear pot for really hot, strong coffee.

  3. I must say I’ve gotten Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle over a year ago and I love it. Especially if you like tea, it has lots of temperature settings for different varieties, which is neat, and a reheat button (that will keep the kettle at a certain temp for a period of time – convenient in the mornings!)
    For coffee machines, we have a Keurig that my husband uses (I don’t particularly care for it), but I can drink instant coffee in a pinch. If I really want a good cup – I make it in a jezve on the stove. If I were to get a machine though I would probably go with Nespresso – I’ve been eying it for a long time. πŸ™‚

  4. I go a little crazy with caffeine if I have more than 2 cups a day so we have a pod system, the Tassimo for us, especially as it does Costa coffee here in the UK (don’t think you have that in the US) bit like Starbucks. It’s great for me as I can have a great coffee in no time at all without wasting anything by brewing a large pot, which we also have. Love the post by the way, ummm coffee πŸ™‚

  5. I’m a straight Braun French press girl. I lived in Florida for awhile and was loving my Melitta coffee makers but something about the water and I was replacing it every other year. The French press is no filter, no build up and great coffee. I use an old fashioned seamless kettle-gives me time to feed the dog, put her out, etc. I love Seattles Best 4 organic or Electric Monkey Fair Trade from the local Co op. On the rare occasion I go to Starbucks I drink Cafe Americano or something with an extra shot. There is a Keurig in the house but it’s not rich enough for my taste.

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