1. Oh, this has me written all over it!! I just finished reading the entire series AGAIN! Love the Elemental World you created! Thank you!

  2. I was lucky enough to win the first four books in the Elemental Series (THANK YOU!!!!) I would love to get Blood and Sand (have it on ebook and loved it) to add to the set

  3. Shameful to say I have not read this one yet. Have had so much going on in my life, reading slacked and it is on my to read list.

  4. I have just finished the elemental mysteries books and I love them so much.
    I always read them in my favourite room in the house which gets loads of sun and smells like fresh washing. Now every time I go into that room it reminds me of these amazing books.
    Thank you so much 😀

  5. Love this whole series!! Have ordered them all on my kindle, but would soooooo love to have in print, and SIGNED!!!

  6. haven’t read this yet, so it would be awesome to win. even if I don’t win, I’ll purchase it. 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  7. loved blood and sand, would love a signed copy to go with my other books of yours,pretty please,with fangs and thangs x

  8. ….living the vicariously dreams of a vampire via your books!!!
    I have the kindle edition and complete series; have ALL your books; read all your books….MORE..MORE…MORE!!!!
    Would love at least one signed copy from you!!!

    She yelled back, “Flush the toilet and come eat your breakfast!”

  9. How awesome would it be to have a signed copy of one of the most awesome books?! KaBoom! This series and Elizabeth Hunter are what made me get into urban fantasy/paranormal romance and I’m still going strong. Thank you for what you do!

  10. Love the Elemental series. I’ve read them all and can’t wait for the next book to come out. Please, please, please hurry and write the next!

  11. I absolutely love the Elemental Series and can’t wait for the Singer. However Blood and Sand is the only one I havn’t read,so I would be delighted to win a signed copy!!!! Fingers double crossed!!!!!

  12. I have all the Elemental world books on my kindle, have loved each and every one. And I hang out on several Amazon forums and have recommended your books to anyone who will listen. You have the ability to write wonderfully rich characters and then create a world and plots where they can come to life. You have a gift..

  13. Wouldn’t mind this one either. In fact any of your books. I love them all but especially the EM and EW ones. Shona in Worcester, UK

  14. I absolutely love the Elemental Series and this book was my fave 🙂 I’d definitely cherish a sighed copy of this!

  15. I think the little ninja should pull all our names oo a hat! And I should get 10x bc this was an awesome idea!!!
    Nonetheless, the book, any of your books, would be well cherished, valued and loved!
    Especially the one that I’d win!!! Oh the sheer joy of it!!!

  16. pick me please 🙂 i would love a paperback copy of blood and sand (and getting a signed one would be even better) x

  17. Oh wow great giveaway. Absolutely LOVE your elemental World Series. Actually I have loved all your books and am really looking forward to reading more from you in the near future. Thanks for giving me another world to escape to! 🙂

  18. I read “A Hidden Fire” right before Christmas and in a little over a month, I have powered through 7 of your books. I Love them all. Thank you for writing strong female characters who are smart, witty, and can kick some ass. Tenzin is one of my favorite characters. She is fantastic! Can’t wait for her novella next week and I look forward to more Elemental Mysteries books in the future.

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