1. Id love to win a signed copy of this book to remind me of the day I fell in love with a book character! Id probably never let go of it..or frame it haha!
    Love you Elizabeth x

  2. I don’t usually do series, but after getting the first book on a whim as a freebie, I was hooked. Now telling people I know about it!

  3. – sorry if this is a repost – WordPress confuses me sometimes 😛

    Of course I would love this!
    But would enjoy another great story from you more!

  4. I hope you pick me, your favorite fan who couldn’t put the book down until it was read all the way through and could hardly wait till the next one came out. It drove me almost insane!

  5. I found this series after looking for something to read as I waited for another instalment from my favourite English novelist. (Stephanie Hudson) the story lines and characters are just superb. What books I haven’t read from Elizabeth , which aren’t many, are on my “to read ” list. I recommend anything written by E.H

  6. I love this book and the whole series. All of the main characters are among my favorites . I would love a signed copy of A Hidden Fire.

  7. I love your books! Just started The Scribe on my lunch hour and I’m hooked. Wish I could keep reading instead of heading back to work!

  8. Love this whole series!! Have ordered them all on my kindle, but would soooooo love to have in print, and SIGNED!!!

  9. Luv luv your books!! The entire Elemental Mystery Series are my favorite!!!!
    I have each one of your books!
    I’ve read other paranormal authors and theirs is NO comparison!!

  10. Wow I would be forever grateful to win one of these. I was turned onto you through a blogger who saidnthe series was he favorite and let tell you I devoured your books and I could easily see how it could be a favorite

  11. Hate to sound like everyone else, but I really do love this series! I really appreciate the time you take to make each book so detailed and entertaining.

  12. Love all your books, love switching this world off and getting totally lost in the elemental mysteries. Hidden Fire gripped me so much by the time I finished this book I was hooked and have read all your books many many times.Thank you and Good luck everyone. But I hope I’m lucky

  13. I had a friend tell me about this series and after she loaned me the set so I could read them all I just had to purchase them for me so I could reread them as often as I wanted 🙂

  14. This is the book that got me hooked on Elizabeth Hunter! Absolutely loved everything about this book and this series and was so sad after I had finished devouring everything related to the Elemental Mysteries series

  15. Absolutely love your books… I was just thinking the other day that if I possessed half of your writing talent, I could buy a houseboat and float around port to port writing.. lol.. Oh wait, I would have to put my kids in boarding school.. lol… keep up the great work.

  16. This is the book that helped me out of a reading slump when I finished Grad School. I would LOVE to have a signed copy of it for my bookshelf! <3

    ~ Shawn

  17. Hi Elizabeth. This book was my introduction to your books. I devoured the whole Elemental series after reading this book. I love your style of writing….. How you draw the reader in. The characters almost come to life. I was sad when I came to the end of the series. If I won I’d give this book to a friend who really wants to read the series. Thanks.

  18. I would love a copy of your book to give my mom. She has trouble reading screens , so good old fashioned paper is best for her. I read all your books as ebooks and I’m delighted to know they’ll now be available i paper, too!

  19. How awesome would it be to have a signed copy of one of the most awesome books?! KaBoom! This series and Elizabeth Hunter are what made me get into urban fantasy/paranormal romance and I’m still going strong. Thank you for what you do!

  20. Stumbled across this book by accident and have been in love with the series since. Amazing world and stories, thank you for being these amazing vampires into our hearts!

  21. Love Gio and B, with a bit of Carwyn thrown in for good measure. Also Im from North Wales 🙂 thank you for creating such wonderful characters .

  22. Would love this! I am a big fan of this series. I recommend it to anyone who will listen. I have a serious crush on Carwyn.

  23. My Siamese cat always sits on my lap when I’m reading your books, I think he sences how relaxed and happy I am when I go to vampire land lol, Rebecca from Wales 😉

  24. Gio is one of my all time favorite characters, but I especially love the bond that you have created with all of his friends! I can’t get enough of these books! Thank you for giving me some books that are worth the time to read.

  25. I loves this series sooooo fricken much and I hope one day it will turn into a movie series so fricken serious….This movie needs to b made into a movie and done the right way…..Dr. V steamy smoking hot and that Carwyn Apt Bryn finest men ever…..and Iran chronicles I can’t wait for the 2nd one and My girl Tenzin….spring is going to be fun.

  26. Elizabeth you are my favourite author. I love everything you have written. I would love a signed copy. Good luck everyone 🙂

  27. I really got attached to all the characters in these books. Very unique world they live in. These books are some of my go to books when I don’t want to be disappointed!

  28. I love this book and I am slightly obsessed with reading this series!! I have to keep going back and rereading them because I start missing the characters 🙂

  29. I already own the books and the ereader versions…BUT, I’d love a signed copy of the book that introduced me to your writing…and I my friend would be happy that I would finally loan her my copy to read. I’m a little protective of them. LOL

  30. Oh please pick me pick me! I would love a signed copy of this book or any book of yours. Thank you so much for this contest and of course your writing! 🙂

  31. I’m in the process of re-reading this series! I still love it. And I only have it on my Kindle, so a signed copy would be so cool!

  32. I wouldn’t complain if I won this but I wish every one good luck. I know we all are probably obsessed with Elizabeth’s writing or at least I know I am!

  33. This book started the most amazing journey in reading that I’ve ever encountered. I have read all of Ms. Hunter’s books and I’m trying to be patient waiting for the next… Thank you Ms. Hunter for sharing your wonderful imagination…

  34. Oh, it would be such a thrill! This book has brought me so much joy. Also, I had to explain to my husband why the TV was on a WWF match one night (…I was just curious…) and a signed copy would validate my explanation. Thank you for creating such a wonderful world!

  35. Ooooh, ooh, over here! Yea, me! Hey, wanna know something? Ya do? Well, t think you’re an awesome writer! Yup I do! And I’m one of your biggest fans!! I own every single book in my kindle…would luv the hard copies tho!!
    I’m praying you would pick me…..I did hv a catchy line tho. Huh,huh,huh.

  36. This is my favorite series ever and I really think they need to turn the series into movies. I can only hope! Thank you for writing such an amazing story with wonderfully detailed characters. You are an amazing author. : )

  37. Love these books! Great mystery, wonderful heroine, hunky hero, villainous baddies, a complete cast of characters and endless twists and turns….what’s not to love?!?

  38. I started reading this book when I was going through a really tough and chaotic time in my life. And it was a wonderful distraction. It took me to an amazing place. I couldn’t put the book down. I found my self loosing sleep to keep going. And then waiting for the next one to come out. But then the last one came along and I can honestly say I read the last pages to A FALL OF WATER with tears in my eyes. I can’t wait for your other stories. Thank you

  39. i’m hoping that pester power is starting to work and that you give in and send me one of your signed books…… (failing that, i will just look at the cover for a bit longer, this is the first time i have seen one with a hot guy on the front – no idea how i managed to miss it before – oh wait, it’s because your writing is amazing 😀 )

  40. I love reading your stuff. I have everything in kindle edition and am now starting to collect your stories in book form. Thanks for your newest release of all the elemental mysteries. I had to have it too of course and also got a copy for my friend. I love recommending your work. Thanks for the blogs too. You’re fun to follow 🙂

  41. You know one of the problems with a digital book? You don’t get that same visceral and comforting charge from picking it up in the middle of the night (especially when you are looking for one of you favorite books to help you when you can’t sleep). And you can’t run into your room when your son or daughter or husband or friend says they just want a new book that is a little … different and intriguing – one where you go, here! take mine (but give it back or I will have to do what Giovanni is capable of when he gets really really angry). I would love this copy of a book that I have already digitally loaned, bought, and re-read. Please.

  42. Oh how I would love to win this book! This book is the one responsible for me becoming addicted to paranormal romances. I was hooked on Beatrice and Giovanni’s story and had to buy the remaining books in the series. I then started on the Elemental World series and wasn’t disappointed with that series either. You are my absolute favorite paranormal romance writer. I simply devour your books!! I am hoping I win this but I see I have many, many other fans to compete with.

  43. The Elemental series is one of the best! I collect hard copies of all of my faves… so, PICK ME PICK ME!!! LOL 😉

    I’m looking forward to more from this series, in particular! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  44. I am so very happy that I found your books! Your characters and their trials capture me and allow me an escape, if only for a while. Once I read Bronze Blade I will be rereading the entire series again.

  45. Elizabeth I would love a signed copy. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your books on Amazon. You are such a talent and inspiration.

  46. A signed copy would be cool. I downloaded this first one for free on my Kindle, and I think i have most of your books now. My wife teases me for getting hooked on vampire books, but it really was your writing that kept me coming back. You are an excellent writer.

  47. This was my first book of yours that I read and I loved it! I ended up buying all your other books and of course got a few of my friends hooked too. I love your writing and stories. ??

  48. This was my ‘gateway book’, now I own all of EH’s books. Tenzin’s my fave, love her. Can’t wait for The Singer! Good Luck to everyone!

  49. Love this whole series. I’ve read them over and over again and would love to have a hard copy. Now I’m totally hooked on your new series and can’t wait for The Singer. 🙂

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