New chapter of THE BRONZE BLADE and a paperback contest (or four).

BronzeBlade_EbookOnly one more week until the release of THE BRONZE BLADE! And can I just admit that I love your Tenzin love? I do. I dig that you love this awesomely complicated character so much. You guys rock.

The first part of Chapter Five: The Warrior posted over on the Elemental World site earlier today. You can find it HERE. Just to let you know, I will still be posting the rest of the novella over there! Free fiction is just that, free to everyone on the site. If you want to buy the e-book version, I’d love that, of course, but I’m not going to leave you hanging if you just want to read online. You will be able to read the entire novella over there for free. Because you’re awesome, and I just like doing stuff like that for my readers.

Now, if you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen this picture I posted last night.


I finally unpacked all the boxes in my office and… I have a few extra books! So, giveaway time. I’m going to post a few threads above this post. Comment on the ones you’d like to enter. One comment per post per person, please! Also, there will be one giveaway for A Hidden Fire that will be FOR INTERNATIONAL READERS ONLY. That’s right! I love my readers all over the world, and I know that many times they get left out of contests and giveaways, so international peeps, while you’re welcome to enter any of the contest threads, there will be one giveaway that will be for you guys ONLY. That’s anyone outside the USA. My fellow Americans, you get to enter lots of contests, leave this one for our international friends.

TheScribe_ebookI was thrilled and proud that THE SCRIBE made it to #23 on Amazon’s bestseller list last Sunday during the Daily Deal promotion! That’s so exciting, and I hope lots of new readers enjoy the Irin Chronicles and might want to try out some of my other books, too. If you’re new to the blog or the website here, let me know! Leave a comment. It’s a friendly place with lots of cool people hanging out. There’s a special site for the Elemental Mysteries/World series that has free fiction like The Bronze Blade, fan videos and art, extra scenes and other stuff. I have a reader forum if you want to hang out and chat with other readers about my books (or other books!). Feel free to poke around and see what’s up.

The first draft of THE SINGER: Irin Chronicles Book Two is nearing completion. I wrote five chapters last week, and after today, I’ll be diving back into the writing cave to finish. Maybe by the end of the week? We shall see. Wish me luck writing, and I will wish you luck in winning signed paperbacks.

OH! And my awesome forum moderator, Engineer, and I are brainstorming ideas for an exclusive contest over on the forum (aka BFE or Big Forum Experiment) for some signed books, too. So if you haven’t signed up over there, you might want to. Even if you’re a newbie to the forum thing (like me!) you should give it a look. It’s really easy to sign up, and Engineer even has a great post specifically for forum newbies.

Wow, so this kind of turned into a massive post for me. But I’m done! I’ll have a round up later in the week about some of the awesome fantasy I’ve been reading lately, and maybe another teaser from THE SINGER. Have a great week, everyone!


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  1. Whoot whoot!
    Luv Tenzin!!! Other then the sexy man Gio, she’s my favorite character!! ” ….you mean you’re a peeping Tim”?!

  2. Yeah the Singer is getting closer and closer to being released! Can’t wait. The teaser will be great I am sure! Thanks for all of the contests! and Happy writing!

  3. I love the character you created in Tenzin; the dynamics. Between Tenzin and “boy” are fantabulous!
    My favorite part is when Ben & Tenzin get into a discussion of why Ben was following Gio and Beatrice. ….asking Ben if he was a peeping Tim!!! And she kept need delving him…
    I love that dry humor!!
    Would love to see them mated.

  4. I absolutely loved the Scribe, I haven’t read a book that fast in a long time. I am waiting anxiously for the next book!

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