Update to The Bronze Blade and pre-order news.

BronzeBlade_3DSo, as you might have noticed, I did a facelift on the blog. What can I say? I get bored. Give it a year and I’ll change it again. Or sooner. Anyway, it’s all the same content, just a different look.

There is an update over at ElementalMysteries.com for THE BRONZE BLADE. There are five chapters and an epilogue to this novella. Now, I’ve had a few people wondering whether or not I’m going to write more of Tenzin’s history. And the answer to that is… maybe? To be honest, she’s had a pretty complicated life. THE BRONZE BLADE is her origin story. There’s a true beginning, middle, and end to it. But am I going to write aaaaaaaaaaall of her history at some point? Um… no. What I might do is short stories at different points in her life. I’m not promising thatβ€”after all, Tenzin’s history is a bit of a rabbit holeβ€”but I might. If it’s fun and interesting, I’ll write it. And that’s my prerogative because… she’s my character! πŸ™‚ Plans for her future series with Ben are still in the works. But again, that’s a long-term plan.

I’ve had a LOT of readers wondering whether TBB will be available as an ebook all on it’s own or ONLY in the bundle. Silly readers! Of course it will be. I’m not going to make you buy all the books again, just to have that one in your library. I wanted to include that in the bonus features for those readers who WANTED to buy the whole set, but I’ll be publishing TBB on its own the beginning of February. In fact, pre-order links should be up within a couple days at the most. I’ll post them here when they’re ready.

What else is happening…?

TheScribe_3DI’m back to work on THE SINGER, for those of you who are Irin fans. In fact, I’ve written over 5K words on the manuscript this week. (Yay!) Which is awesome. I’m about 2/3rds done with the book and still looking at a Spring release. That means, very loosely, we’re looking at late April or early May, depending on my editor’s schedule. And pleeeeease be the awesome readers I know you are and don’t ask me to write faster. πŸ™‚ I love that you’re all so excited, but I’m sure you know that I really do write as fast as I can. And things like revisions and editing and proofreading are very important, too. I will get the book to you as fast as my little fingers can type it. (And my editor’s eyes can read it.)

So because I know preemptively that you are such awesome readers, I’m going to give away another signed book. In fact, I’ll give away a signed copy of THE SCRIBE. (Which I’m going to admit is one of my favorite paperbacks. I love all my books equally! But the formatting and cover and everything on this one are really lovely.) This contest will run through Friday and is open to international readers as well. Just leave a comment here on this post.

Have a great week! And I’ll post pre-order links for THE BRONZE BLADE as soon as they’re available.


UPDATE: Preorder link for Amazon is live:Β http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HUVO5NA Still need to set up preorder with Smashwords, which will make the preorder available at B&N, iBookstore, etc.

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  1. Eagerly waiting on the Singer…. Thank you for doing all that you do! Keep up the great work! The new web site looks great!

  2. Hey Elizabeth. Great new look to your blog. You write at whatever pace you need to. I’m a patient person… Honest! ;0)
    Thanks for the chance to win the paperback. I think The Scribe is actually my favourite of yours so would love to win a signed copy. x

  3. I am a HUGE fan and have read all your books to date. I would LOVE a signed copy! Keep up the wonderful work. Your timing is perfect.

  4. Eagerly awaiting The Singer and TRYING to be patient. The trouble is that everything else that I read is just serving to fill time until your next book release! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tidbits that you give us while you’re working!

  5. Can’t wait to read the next (Singer). BUT, I will be patient and give you all the time you need to write a great story. (You are #1 on my Auto Buy list, Elizabeth). Not that I’m brown nosing, lol.

  6. Thank you thank you for All the good news!!!! Will def preorder TBB and Eagerly awaiting The Singer! Fist bump to the best writer ever!!!!

  7. Loving the new look! Always good to have a change – I’ve just finished hanging new curtains, which pleases me a lot. Excited for The Singer….

  8. Love the new look! Thank you so much for writing about Tenzin. She is my favorite character. You take all the time you need to write these books, I can wait. Maybe lol. No really if waiting a little bit means getting it right then I can wait. Thanks again. :-).

  9. Can not wait for both of these installments, but please do take your time. I want your best, as I’ve come to expect excellent stories and haven’t been disappointed one bit!

  10. I love the Elemental Series, and have read everything you’ve written since I read Gio and B’s story! You are an incredible story teller. I lived in Istanbul, Turkey as a young child, so was excited to see “The Scribe” took place in Turkey. I am anxious to read “The Singer” as well.
    I have to be honest..I had to start and restart reading TBB. It was just so painful to read, but I had to know…you know? I’m really happy I persevered, because as usual, it is a wonderful story and I can’t wait for the next installment! Thanks for sharing all of your stories Elizabeth!

  11. I have all your e-books and the audio-books. Now, the bundle with all the extras. A hard copy signed by the author would be the ultimate addition to my EH collection.

  12. Love the revamp, looks great. I have to say that while I am hooked on the Elemental world, The Scribe had me hooked from the preview bits you teased us with. Patiently waiting for The Singer

  13. LOVED The Scribe! Just when I thought I couldn’t love a fictional couple as much as B and Gio, you give us Ava and Malachi! Thank you for being so kind to your fans and bless you for sharing your incredible talent as a writer. Happy writing!

  14. As a dutiful minion, I hereby promise to neither nag nor pester, but wait patiently (aargh!!!) for The Singer. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything you’ve written, but I think The Scribe might just be my Favourite so would love the chance to win a signed copy. Hope it can find its way to deepest darkest Devon!

  15. I started reading your books a little over a year ago. The first ones i read were the hidden fire series. Those will always be my favorites. I have since read all of your books and I love how they pull you in and take you to that fantasy land then before you know it, it’s over. You are by far my favorite author and i will continue to look forward to your works. Thank you for the little getaways you give me when day to day life becomes mundane.

  16. Love your work. So I promise to be good and patient, and continue rationing on your teasers and extras until your spring-my autumn… With a cherry on top.

  17. Looking forward to the singer. ..love the Scribe as well as all your books. I am also loving learning about Tenzin!

  18. I love the new look! Congrats on your completion of TBB I can’t wait to preorder! As hard as I’ve tried not to read it in pieces, I just can’t help myself!! I love her dark origins, and I *hope* we get to see some of the missions her and Gio have gone on. You are the best, and keep up the good work!!

  19. You’re still the best and mostest favourite author for me πŸ™‚ doing silly little seat jiggle! Promise not to pester, you already put out so much I am in constant awe. I bought the Elemental bundle because I am sad like that and have to repeat the copies I own, it was worth having all those little extras on my kindle though. The Scribe would make a very attractive addition to my bedside table!

  20. What can I say to get this . I keep posting about how great a fan I am and how wonderfully you pull these stories together, but well, so do all your other fans. Nevertheless, this old man would certainly love to be favored with this exciting gift.

  21. I love love love your books. I haven’t read The Scribe yet. but I am about to start it. I love the way you write and I most definitely love the characters in your books. especially the men. lol wink wink

  22. Looking forward to more of Tenzin. Her story is painful, and she is just so strong. I can’t wait to read about Tenzin and Ben!
    I am so on the edge of my seat waiting for Singer! I truly believe the Irin Chronicles are going to be my favorite books! You are a fantastic author!

  23. As much as I’ve enjoyed all your books, I think the Scribe is my favorite. I would love a free copy and will probably buy it in paperback if I don’t get the free one. Thanks for all the enjoyment you give me each time I read one of your books!

  24. Okay… now I feel bad for my comment a week ago for asking you to write faster.. lol…It’s just that I enjoy all of your books and I can’t wait to read the next one no matter which series it is because I am a fan of them all… Please keep up the fantastic work that you do and we fans will just have to patiently wait for the wonderful books that you write… Thank you so much for your writing and allowing us to enjoy it.

  25. Love your books, you really are an amazing writer. Even recommended your books to my sister (she bought the bundled set) and friends, and now they too are hooked. I haven’t read the scribe yet, didn’t want to be left at a cliffhanger and then wait for the next one. But I really can’t seem to resist the temptation of your books. Hopefully will start it soon, or better still – hope I win, or else will buy it on my kindle. Thank you for the amazing books.

  26. Thank you for all the gifts you pass along to your readers. You are a very generous author to your fans!! I truly enjoyed The Elemental Series and I am now waiting patiently for the Singer.

  27. I have pre-ordered the Bronze Blade but also have read 4 chapters, so I guess I am buying Ch 5 + epilogue. I gladly support all Elemental projects and Erin Chronicle projects. I also hope there will be a Cambio Springs sometime this year.

      • I will just put it in my Kindle library with all your other books for my daughter-in-law and son to read since they also love your books. Supporting authors that I love helps make them produce more which in turn helps me. Unfortunately Kindle prices are all I can afford since I am retired and read about 250 books a year plus library books on occasion.

  28. Elizabeth I love your book so much. Loved Elemental Series I had to buy the whole bundle as I couldn’t wait to read the entire Bronze Blade, so I have doubles and it was more then worth it to sit and devour Tenzin’s story. However in saying how much I love the escape of the Elemental World and all the characters I simply adored The Scribe and can’t wait to read The Singer. Until the I will just keep having little snippets of re reading all the other books when I need a fix of your writing. Thanks for the Escape at the end of my day.

  29. I really look forward to reading The Singer but I think I’m going to go back and read all the books again while I wait for it to come out.. lol… I enjoy all your series immensely.. You are truly gifted and thank you.

  30. Have not tried the scribe but loved all of the Elemental Mysteries so much and am beginning on Cambio Springs . Thank you for sharing your worlds with use.

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