Surprise! Elemental Mysteries Special Edition now on sale!

So, you know that secret squirrel project I was talking about?


The Elemental Mysteries-1-Hi res 2

For a limited time, I have put together a special edition bundle of the four Elemental Mysteries books. That’s right, the whole series in one e-book, PLUS a bunch of bonus features.

  • New cover art
  • All four books A Hidden Fire, This Same Earth, The Force of Wind and A Fall of Water
  • A complete novella, THE BRONZE BLADE, and
  • All the extra scenes previously published at

And I’m putting it all on sale for THIS WEEK ONLY at $7.99 which means I’m basically giving you two books and a novella for free. Right now, it’s available at



and I’ll have Barnes & Noble up when it’s through the system.

SO, dear readers, if you’ve been wanting all the books in one place, if you’ve been wanting to buy it as a gift for someone who has a new e-reader, if you’ve been wanting cover art that didn’t include a shirtless dude (guys, I’m looking at you), OR you just want the new novella right now and you don’t want to wait…


Because seriously, I’m not keeping it at $7.99 longer than a week. (I have a few friends who are already telling me I’m nuts for doing this.) Tell your friends! Spread the word. I wanted to do a cool sale for you guys, but this will not last forever.

And YES, I’ll still be publishing THE BRONZE BLADE on the website as a serial and posting it for free, BUT you’ll have to be patient. Or you can buy the whole thing now as part of the bundle. It’s totally




Happy New Year!


(Apple and Kobo readers, I will not be making this bundle available in the iBookstore or Kobo store during the sale, because their systems take longer to update and this particular sale is only going on for a week. HOWEVER, you can buy an ePub file at Smashwords for the sale price and your e-reading device will be able to read it. Or you can wait a week or so to buy it at the non-sale price, $9.99.)

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  1. What a beautiful new year present, thank you Elizabeth ! Already got it on my kindle from Amazon.

    With my best wishes for a great 2014 – with full of new books 🙂 –

  2. Thank you Elizabeth! What a great New Year present! I have all the books already but I’m still going to get this edition to add to my collection! May your New year’s be filled with writing more great books and prosperity coming your way! I know I’ll look forward to the new year waiting for your books!

  3. My sister and I love your books and would really like to buy the bronze blade but we can’t get the complete set as we live outside of America! Will it be possible to buy the novella in the UK in the future?
    Happy New Year and look forward to many new books

  4. I sooo wish this was out when I was feverishly buying up this series one book after another on Amazon!!!!! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! (chanelling Florida Evans, “Good Times” – that episode still brings tears to my eyes; so is my grief over this untimely pleasure) Anywho, my question is this, is there a chance that “The Bronze Blade” will be offered seperately? Oh please, oh please, oh please say it will!

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