Bitter and Sweet: Last post of 2013 and STUFF YOU WANT TO READ (Trust me.)

FireworksSo, I’ve been polishing up The Bronze Blade and working on that. I’ve been posting stuff about writing and indie publishing. I’ve been sleeping late and entertaining eight year olds and setting up video games and all sorts of stuff. I’ve also been working on a secret squirrel project that you’ll find out about tomorrow. (Ha!)

Busy busy busy!

This is my last post of 2013. In all the busy-ness, I feel like I’ve neglected you Irin fans who are oh-so-patiently waiting for THE SINGER. So, keep reading for a treat for you guys.

image by Scott Swigart via Wikimedia Commons

image by Scott Swigart via Wikimedia Commons

BITTER: I’ll be honest. I feel a little weird about promoting THE BRONZE BLADE. It’s obviously a dark read. It was tough to write, so I know it’ll be tough for some of you to read. It’s violent and dark and deals with a lot of the trauma of Tenzin’s past. I feel like it’s worth publishing for you hard-core Elemental fans, but I feel weird putting it out there and saying “Hey! Go enjoy reading this thing that’s going to make you totally depressed!” But then, that’s just me. I’m still updating it. In fact, Chapter Three is now fully posted, and for those of you who like bloody vengeance, you’ll probably like this update.

image by ME

image by ME

SWEET: Irin fans, I don’t want you to feel neglected, so…

You get the entire first chapter of THE SINGER here. (oh my gosh, did I just do that?) And it’s aaaaaall Malachi, girlies. Go nuts. Gah! I’m just putting it out there. I feel more than a little like I’m giving away all sorts of secrets with this chapter, but there you go. It’s out there now. (And don’t worry, there’s still lots of secrets to reveal.)

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, everyone! I’m laying pretty low around here, but I’ll be drinking a little champagne with the rest of you.

See you in 2014!


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  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for all your wonderful writing & I’m looking forward to all the new stories you give us in 2014. I now have to decide which to read 1st…..!

  2. Dear Elizabeth…please, never feel guilty or bad that you are ever giving anything away regarding your stories. You give us so much reading enjoyment, pleasure and adventure that a little “pre-glimpse” is always just a tease for more. Looking forward to reading The Singer in its entirety! Best wishes for a healthy, happy and wondrous New Year!!

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