Chapter One of THE BRONZE BLADE is posted.

IMG_4278I’m kind of ripping off the bandaid with this one and posting the next two parts of the first chapter at once. So Chapter One: The Girl is finished and posted over on

I know I’ve said it a number of times, but I feel like I should keep warning you, this story is very dark and it grows increasingly so as the chapters go on. So for those of you who might be triggered by violence and abuse, please be aware.

On a happy note, I’m mostly moved in to the new place! My office is unpacked, and life seems to be settling into a new rhythm for me and the SmallBoy, so as soon as the long weekend is over here, I should be able to dive right back into work on THE SINGER. (Which I’m really aching to do.) And so next week, I’ll probably start doing teasers here and there for that book, so you can catch up with Ava and see what she’s up to.

Best wishes to everyone, and for all my American readers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


UPDATE: Just to clarify, for the most part, I’ll be posting each chapter in three parts. So last week, I posted the first PART of Chapter One, and now the second and third parts are up. So the first chapter, in its entirety, is now posted.

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  1. WoW, Just wow. Exactly what I expected her transformation to be like. She is a survivor from this tragic beginning.

    Thank you Elizabeth. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. This is tender and tearing reading for me but it’s what I love most about your writing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as you celebrate living in your new home.

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