Bloggity, Blog, Blog, Blog (I’m moving!)

So, what am I doing lately?

I didn’t, in fact, die of the plague over the weekend. Despite my initial worry, it was just a cold. Suffice to say, I’m a little melodramatic and I hate being sick. I don’t get sick very often, so I’m a big baby when I do. Luckily, I survived, and SmallBoy is excellent at putting up with mom when she’s sick.

moving dayMore news: I bought a house! This is very exciting for a number of reasons. As many of you know, my ex and I separated last year around the time The Force of Wind came out, which meant a move and a lot of other changes for all of us. Lots of changes and things were a bit edgy for a while, but we’re good. And honestly, I thought I was going to be a long ways off from buying a house on my own, so this is really, really exciting for me and SmallBoy. (Plus, the new house has a pool, which my son thinks is pretty awesome, since he would live in the water, if that was possible.) So I’m moving in November.

Wait… I’m moving in November?


Holy packing boxes, Batman! And I still have a book coming out. And a trip to Houston. And soccer games. (If anyone wants to volunteer to bring halftime snacks on the 11th, that would be great, thanks.) And you don’t even want to know about the laundry pile. (That’s just scary.)

TheScribe_ebookLuckily, all the editing/proofreading/formatting on The Scribe is close to being done, so it should all be delivered to your e-reader/mailbox promptly on October 15th. Advance reviews have been—I’m not going to lie—really, really good. This is very flattering, and also very motivating, as I’m working on the second book in the series right now.

Okay, so now that you know all this, if I’m not around on Facebook and Twitter and not blogging much, that is the reason. I’m still writing as much as I can, because Elizabeth turns into a very cranky girl if she doesn’t get in writing time. (Really, it’s not pretty.) But, since time will be limited, if something needs to take a backseat for a while, it’s going to be online world.

I do have a couple interviews coming up, so I’ll try to remember to post about those, so you can give a listen, if you like. Other than that, I’m going to try to cut back and focus on 1) The Scribe release. 2) The meet up in Houston. 3) MOVING HOUSE and all it entails.

To tide you over until the 15th, here’s another teaser from THE SCRIBE, which Doug Meeks (reviewer extraordinaire) calls “the greatest romantic plot I have read this year.” (No joke, he actually said that. Thanks, Doug!) It’s a nice, fat teaser, and it’s probably the last one you’ll get, folks. So I hope you enjoy.

And wish me luck! I’ve got packing to do.


One of the men across from the bar winked at her, then the one who’d been standing by the hallway came up and sat in the chair Leo had occupied.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“None of your business.” He looked shocked, but the whole situation was giving Ava goose bumps. What was the game here? She didn’t get it. There was something going on, but the wine had muffled the voices, making it harder for her to read the intentions of the man sitting next to her. She looked around the place. She was in a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt, hadn’t even attempted to dress up. Why was this guy talking to her? She had no illusions about her own beauty. Ava knew she was moderately attractive, but she wasn’t the kind of woman who turned heads. Certainly not heads that looked like they belonged in fashion magazines.

“I’m just curious. You’re a beautiful woman, and you’re all alone.”

“Yes. Happily alone.”

Keep telling yourself that, Ava.

Stupid wine.

“But you weren’t alone earlier.”

“Your point, Einstein?”

“Did your boyfriend leave you here?”

“None of your business.”

“So he is your boyfriend? Do you know what he is?”

What? Ava took another drink. This guy wasn’t making any sense. Maybe it was a language thing.

“You know,” she said in a low voice, sliding closer. “I’d really like you to…”

He leaned in. “What?”


Hottie’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think you know just who your boyfriend is, do you?”

Irritated, Ava blurted out, “He’s not my boyfriend! But he will take care of you if you don’t leave me alone. Now.”

Well, that made him happy.

“So he’s not your boyfriend! May I join you?”

She squinted. Yep, buzz definitely getting spoiled. “Are you deaf? No! Are all Turkish men this forward? Do I look like I want company?”

He said something she really didn’t listen to. The noise from the television seemed louder. Had the bartender turned it up? Hot Guy was still talking.

Was it some kind of game? A bet? She looked around, but none of the other men were looking at them. In fact, even Mister Wink Wink across the bar was looking away. Ava was starting to get nervous, and she really wished Leo would come back. She pulled out her phone and saw that he had just texted her.

Meet me by the door I left through.

Normally, she’d ignore him. After all, he worked for her—or her stepfather. Whatever. She didn’t have to do what he said. She finished the glass of wine and narrowed her eyes at the handsome man who still looked like he expected Ava to fall into his bed. He was watching her like she was the most fascinating thing in the world.

“What are you?” he whispered with barely contained excitement.

“I’m an American photographer. It’s really not all that exciting.”

“I don’t think that’s what you really are.”

Weirdo. He might have been handsome, but the guy did nothing for her. She was about to pour another glass of wine when she heard her phone buzz again. She looked down. It was Malachi’s number.

Ava, go to Leo. Now.

“Ugh.” Her head fell back and she groaned. “Bossy men. Damn bossy men. Who the hell do they think they are?” She’d tell them off in person.

Ava stood and picked up her purse. As soon as she did, she felt a hand on her arm. It was Hot Guy, who had morphed into Mr. Intrusive.

Okay, not cool.

“Hey!” Feeling bold with wine, Ava rounded on him as she yanked her arm away. “Do not touch me, do you understand? Did I give you permission to do that? Did I indicate in any way that I wanted your attention, mister?”

The man’s green eyes widened in shock.

“You pulled away from me.”

“For heaven’s sake, do you really think you’re God’s gift? Get over yourself, buddy!”

She was starting to draw attention. Luckily three-quarters of a bottle of wine meant she didn’t really care all that much. She was only a block from her hotel, after all. And there was always—

“Leo!” She grinned, her annoyance forgotten. She turned to the pushy stranger. “Now this guy? He’s a catch. For one thing, he’s handsome without looking like he’s been airbrushed, because really?” She waved a hand in front of the guy’s face. “Are you wearing makeup? I mean, whatever, if that’s your thing, but see, Leo here—”

Leo cleared his throat. “We should go, Ava.” He was trying to steer her toward the door with a hand on her shoulder, but Ava ignored him, still talking to Hot Guy.

“See, Leo’s got the confident-without-being-arrogant thing. You need to learn that. Because girls don’t usually go for… a guy who looks in the mirror more than they do.” Ava giggled as she looked around the place. “Well, obviously not some of these ladies, but where I come from… that’s probably a bad example. Still—”

“Ava.” Malachi’s low voice sounded across the bar. She turned, stilling immediately when she heard it. Heard him. Their eyes met.

There you are.

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  1. Congrats on the new house (yay! that’s awesome)! And good luck with the move (totally not envious of that – I hate packing).
    Oh… and I’m totally in agreement with the early reviewers! Loving the Scribe, now I just really really want to go to Turkey cause it’s such an amazing country… and your descriptions are soo good! 🙂

  2. You have NO idea how pleased I am to hear you say that your working on book 2! I’ve finished The Scribe ready for my release day review and I’m feeling bereft! I NEED book 2 now! So don’t worry about being online, laundry or anything else… Lock yourself away and get book 2 to me ASAP! Thank you kindly! ;0)

      • LOL! Careful, I may take you up on that. Honestly, I’m about a third of the way into the new book, so I think I’m on track for a Spring release, which is not too bad. 😉

    • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited… Can’t wait to get my reading eyes on the full version of The Scribe !!! And, YEA US on the new book… WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. 😉

  3. Congrats on the new house! I have not read any of the teasers for this book because I want to be able to consume it in its entirety. I’m really looking forward to it!

  4. New chapter for you then my dear, quite apt for an Author lol . Just listened to all four b & Gino books from audible forgot how romantic there were. So great to revisit after reading the series earlier this year. Dina certainly does your books proud. This time I noticed the lovely closeness between Saba and Beatrice and thought there could be a further story there. The mother she always needed. Funny how much more detail you notice the second time round.

    • LOL! I knew who you meant. And I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the audiobooks, Chrisie! I had the pleasure of speaking to Dina a number of times and she was very dedicated to giving her best performance to the work. I hope you’ll get a chance to leave her a review over at Audible. And yes! Thanks for the congratulations on my “new chapter.” I’m very excited.

  5. Agghhh….love, love the bits and pieces but then when it ends, all I can say is “agghh! I can not wait till Oct 15! oh and congrats on the new house!! :))

  6. Congrats on all the new and exciting events. Holidays in a new house are awesome. Can’t wait for the new release, looking forward to falling in love with all of these new characters. In the meantime, guess I’ll just have to re-read (3rd, maybe 4th time) all of the others so that I don’t go through withdrawal.

  7. Very exciting teaser! So looking forward to that arriving on my kindle but have a feeling I’ll be wishing the next book along even more knowing how awesome this is going to be!

    Congratulations and good luck with the move, wishing you much happiness.

  8. good luck with the new house (and you know, all the stuff you have to do, lol), and especially for still making sure the book will be out on the 15th-I can’t wait (have had it pre-ordered since it was available). Now with the new house you’ll have to get a pool guy (think Geo, sigh). Again, good luck.

  9. What completely fantastic news!! Congratulations! I hope the move runs smoothly and the writing even more so 🙂
    Also… judging by photos on fb, SmallBoy is going to need a new name soon! He’s growing up too fast – STOP IT!
    Glad you’re getting such fantastic reviews, Doug is such a lovely reviewer! I always check to see if he’s reviewed something I’m interested in reading because he’s so honest and encouraging… which reminds me, I should really do some reviewing of my own – I always forget to leave things on public boards because I give mine directly *Bad Sarah*.

    *big hugs* I’m so ridiculously happy for you E, things seem to really be going right.for you, so here’s to continuing upwards, succeeding, and flourishing *clinks glass of bubbly with you*

  10. So happy for you Elizabeth. Good luck with the move and I sooooo cant wait for The Scribe. And yeah – Gio and a pool boy sound veeery interesting. . .

  11. I can’t wait to read this book!! Congratulations on your new home!, I being one of your fans and someone who understands divorce and the loss am proud and thrilled for you and your Son. You give and entertain so many with your writing and I’m so very happy to see good Karma is with you now, You are a fantastic writer, friend and Mother never forget that. Packing will get done a little at a time and you’ll find yourself packed up and ready to go ( I’m sure the garbage bags will get filled) lol. Enjoy this is all you, you did it!!!! Yay!!!!!! 😉

  12. Since I was blown away by the book I thought a couple of quotes from the review were germane here 🙂

    ” this may actually be THE best thing I have read this year ”

    “this is indeed the best mix of romance and action I have read in years”

    Now that I have done this, how long do we have to wait for book #2? Now I am just scared I will forget something before it comes out

      • Well I will suffer along until then 🙂 I am reading a poorly printed ARC of Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh at present, I had to pull out my glasses for the first time in months to read it 🙂 If it wasn’t so damn good I would have tossed it to save my eyes.

  13. Hi Elizabeth so happy that good things are all coming your way one after the other. Where are you moving to? Maybe it’s near Florida so I also can offer to come and help you at home with your son? I have my 6 year old grandson that lives with me So I am up for it. The boys would get along great a big brother thing. Anyway I just finished the Elemental Series OMG I totally Loved them you did real good way up there with the greats! In fact I finished last saturday and can’t seem to get into any other books I am still reviewing the books in my mind. Good luck and keep writing I will be onto the next books. thanks, Susan

  14. Hi,
    I brought your book on Smashwords on November 1. Enjoying the book so far. Missing page #170 in EPUB form. I sent a message to Smashwords. I have not heard from anyone yet.

  15. My mother does not like vampire books lol but I got her reading the 1st elemental one. So far looks like she’s hooked. I been plugging your name on FB, your books are mind trapping to say the least, I have went to work very tired at times since I didn’t want to put down the book. I like Gio and Beatrice but Ben being so accepting of Vampires intrigues me. Tenzin, ah yes Tenzin she is in a class of her own. I can relate to how difficult it would be to describe Tenzins state if mind. Keep up the wonderful work. I already preordered your next book.

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