Invoking the Senses: Another teaser from THE SCRIBE

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 1.57.23 PMToday is cooler at my house. It’s starting to feel like fall, which might be my favorite season. Fall is a very sensual season to me. (And by sensual, I don’t just mean the sexytimes kind of sensual.) What appeals to your senses this time of year? The smells? The crunch of leaves that are starting to fall? The cooler mornings?

I’ll confess, I miss Istanbul. I find myself wanting to go back in the winter and see how the city has changed. Would it be quieter? Or bustling with more local energy now that the high season for tourism is almost over and cooler temperatures have come? Another year, maybe.

It’s important to invoke the senses in every scene, particularly when you set a book in a location many readers won’t be familiar with. What does it sound like? What are the smells? How is the light different or the same? Ask those questions when you’re writing and when you’re reading and enjoy traveling the world via book.

leftsmall_default.jpgLots of fun news lately. The audiobooks for the Elemental Mystery and Elemental World series are out now, and available at Amazon and Audible. I also just finalized a deal with Egmont Lyx in Germany for the first translation of A HIDDEN FIRE, which is so cool. I’ll be posting more about that as I know, but it’s looking like the translation might be out around March of next year.

And initial copy-edits are almost done for THE SCRIBE! (Advance Reader Copies will be going out soon.) A very few early reviews are starting to come in. I sent just a couple copies out to get some initial reaction from reviewers I’ve worked with a long time, and I’ve been very pleased so far.

TheScribe_ebookKarina over at the always excellent Nocturnal Book Reviews had this to say over on Goodreads:

“All in all, despite being unsure about the middle part of the story, I’m in love with this new series from Elizabeth Hunter and can only predict that few books in it will rock my world. Cheers to that, peeps!”

And Leisha over at RoloPolo Book Blog just emailed me her review, which will post on release day. (Thanks, Leisha!) Here’s an excerpt:

The Scribe is Hunter’s finest work to date and I say this after having assigned 4½ to 5 stars to every book of hers that I have read. The Scribe blew me the hell away, so much so that it has taken me several days to process what I read and be able to write this review. This book is simply stunning.”

I’m really excited for you guys to read it! I’m already working on the second book, and once these edits are done, I’ll be able to go full bore on the writing bits, instead of the editing, too. Until then, here’s a teaser:


Malachi watched the edge of the water where the waves crashed up against the embankment as a giant freighter glided through the narrowest part of the Bosphorus. It was a normal sunny day along the water, so why was his mood so dark?

“What’s with you today?” Ava nudged her foot against his knee. She was relaxed again. The change in her temperament would last for a few days after each appointment before the agitation would start again. It was a curious cycle, but one he couldn’t question more without arousing suspicion. He caught the tip of her shoe in his hand, pinching her toe under the leather before he released it. Another curious thing. He found himself finding ways to touch her without contact with her skin. A brush of arms as they passed each other. A hand on the small of her back as they walked through a crowd. It was fleeting and probably unwise, but he couldn’t resist.

He didn’t really want to.

He frowned when he realized he’d never answered her question. “I’m fine.”

“You’re being all broody, Mal.”

He muttered, “I really wish you’d stop calling me that.”

Ava picked up her glass of tea and sipped before she answered. “It’s good to want things… Mal.”

He couldn’t help it; she made him smile. He shook his head, relieved that she hadn’t wanted to do anything more strenuous than stroll along the waterfront and shop a bit. She’d bought an embroidered purse for her mother, earrings and a scarf for herself. The earrings were so long they almost brushed her bare shoulders, and the scarf held her hair back, its colors vivid against her dark curls. He felt it again, the pull to put his hands on her. To stroke the skin where the jewelry touched. To pull the scarf from her hair.

They’d retired to a café, one of Malachi’s favorites, to drink tea and grab a quick bite to eat. Bread and cold salads covered the table, a mezze platter of eggplant and yogurt and the spicy tomato salad she loved. Black olives and oil-soaked cheese. Ava tore off a piece of bread and dipped it, still tapping her foot against his.

“Have you always fidgeted?” he asked.

“Yes. My mom says it’s the reason I’m so thin. Couldn’t keep still if my life depended on it.”

“Even though you eat constantly.”

“Hey, you burn through a lot of energy when you contain this much awesome.” She winked, but the smile on her lips held a trace of bitterness.


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  1. Can’t WAIT to read it… I know it will be FABULOUS. However, I am MOST excited about the TENZIN / BEN book. Please don’t wait too long to write it. Bird-girl was one of my favorite characters of all your books… I know Ben is still young in your mind… and I know you have the Scribe coming out and book 2 of that series… (I will read them ALL.) But, PLEASE don’t make us wait too long for the TENZIN, Elemental World Book. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing.

    • Characters like Tenzin tend to take on a life of their own. I can only promise that Tenzin’s and Ben’s books will come at the time they’re meant to. 🙂 Thanks so much for loving my characters!

      • Can’t wait for the Scribe to download…. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. You truly are a very gifted writer. And I will also wait very impatiently for your next Elemental World book… 🙂

  2. You are so right when you call this a “teaser”! I pre-ordered on Amazon and am now re-reading the Elemental World books to keep from going crazy until “The Scribe” shows up on my Kindle!

  3. It will be a while before the cool air reaches us here in Texas, but you probably remember that from having gone to school in Houston. It may sound a bit weird, but I think the air takes on a bit of a golden hue as we move toward Fall. For me Fall will always be the start of school, football games and a time for gathering. My parents are gone and my kids are far flung, but we always find some time to be together. Oddly enough, Fall makes me hopeful in a way that Spring never has.

    I’m looking forward to the release of The Scribe.

  4. OK, so I finally read the Genius/Muse book (started after lunch, it’s around 8pm NY time. Finished it and dinner about the same time). liked it a lot. It was the only thing of yours I hadn’t read yet. Been checking for the Scribe snipits and will devour that one soon as…. But I like the Cambio Springs story ! When will there be more of that?????
    Needless to say I find all your writing vivid, lucid and illuminating. Much like the way your artists and photographers understand and use the light, so are your stories portraits of people and their lives lit by your unique perspective and style.

    • What a gorgeous compliment! Thank you so much!

      And you and my mom can gang up on me about Cambio. 😉 I really had to start the second Irin book, because it was all I could think about, but the second Cambio will be after that. Ted and Alex want their story told, too!

      • Autumn is so beautiful! I love seeing the squirrels stepping up a gear and running around collecting every nut they can find! What exciting news about the German translation! I need some good reads to improve my german (I live in Nürnberg, so if you want some directions to good coffee and cake out here for book signings, you can always come for a signing and sight seeing here – a girl can always try!)

  5. Usually I love Autumn, I just love walks in the woods with all the leaves falling but this last week or two seems to have skipped Autumn and gone straight to winter here in England and we have cold and rain. So here I am in my pyjamas and fleecy dressing gown straight after work. I also love that feeling, just beginning to hibernate. It’ll be soup, a glass of something nice and a good book in a while 🙂

    Can’t wait for The Scribe, I am all kinds of excited. And no matter how many good books I have read recently (and my goodness there have been some fantastic books released the last few months) you are still my absolute bestest (as my kids say) favourite.

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