1. I LOVE this book. I think it’s my favorite out of all your books (which is tough to say because I love all your books) just because the story is so beautiful. I had a connection to Sam and what she went though. It’s such a lovely story.

  2. Love this, and have a very soft spot for Javi. I read this straight after Beautiful Disaster (who doesn’t have a secret crush on a muscly tattooed man 🙂 ) and while I loved that one I favoured this, the way you put words on the page is magical.

  3. This is my favorite. I love all your books, but, the way this one handles the time lines and the story developes is phenomenal. Plus, I’m in love with Javi too.

    • Okay, I just have to butt in, but who ISN’T in love with Javi? Of all the fictional men I’ve written, I think he’s still probably my favorite! 😀


  4. I was afraid that I might not like this one because I read the elemental series first and then the shifter series. I was completely wrong, even without the paranormal the story was wonderful and the characters just as memorable and lovable.

  5. I bought and read the Kindle version of The Genius and the Muse on January 1 this year. I found it to be unlike any other novel I could recall ever having read. It was a real page turner. I’ve wondered since if you’ve considered writing any more fiction…

  6. This is the one I want to win. So very badly!! But if I don’t my friend Lila Felix is going to get it at the Houston signing that ya’ll are all doing together. So make sure you take copies!!

  7. I think this story may be the one that sucked me in, way back when. Love, love, love it, no matter which names you use! 😉

  8. Another great one! I just got done reading this. I could releate to this one on many levels. My sister is married to a sculptor that is 12 years older than her. Like the characthers in the book, and I have worked with photographers over the years. Loved it!

  9. Would Love a copy of this- I cannot wait to Read!
    THank you again- anyone who hasnt read her books yet- you dont know what your missing!

  10. The Genius & the Muse is my absolute favorite of all your books! That’s saying something, because I think they are all amazing! I’ve recommended it (and your other books) to all the readers I know. And a few people who aren’t readers!

  11. Pick me! Pick me!

    I’ve read and loved all your books, and introduced many other kiwis to them, but I really really loved The Genius and the Muse. (I always think Javi would make an excellent vampire though)

  12. This was my first contemporary romance. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It wasn’t what I expected. Thanks for the story.

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