1. I love Jenna and Caleb and am soooo looking forward to the next one, I want to go for Sunday lunch with them 🙂

  2. Loved Long Ride Home and was impatient for Shifting Dreams. I hope that this series calls out to you to write another installment. These characters are very intriguing and I love shape shifters. I find the fact that not all of them are the same species of animal exciting. Waiting to see what the children will be is wonderful. Like the old days when you had to wait for the baby to be born to know if it was a boy or a girl.

  3. I bought and read the Kindle version of Shifting Dreams soon after it was released. Your covers are so stunning, and having a paperback edition would make it more pleasant to gawk at. 🙂

  4. Really looking forward to your next book in this series. Started with the short story and then the shifting dreams. Can’t wait to see where you take this series.

  5. Wow! I’ve never seen an author do giveaways like this–threads! And we, the readers, are kinda like Hansel and Gretel following the cookie crumbs! 🙂 This is really a neat idea, Elizabeth. jdh2690@gmail.com

  6. Hi Elizabeth. I looooove your books so much!!! And this one is the only one I havent read yet so I should win. Lol.
    Cant wait for The Script though.

    Janka x

  7. Blast! I wish you could sign my kindle copy, lol. (Love the book and can’t wait for more with the blend of Native American folklore and paranormal romance/mystery.)

  8. I love that the premise for this book is so completely different from nearly everything else I’ve ever read, except maybe for the Animorphs series that I enjoyed as a kid. 🙂

  9. This was a great book! I can’t wait for the second one to come out, it was so much different from the elemental series. Who knew a world of every type of shape shifting animals lived in the desert.

  10. What I loved most about this book was the dialogue!!! (If only I could be so sharp.) This story had a lot of elements of real life and as a struggling mother, I could really relate to the characters. I really hope there will be more in this series.

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