What? No Audiobook? Yes, Audiobook. (Don’t panic.)

Audible“So, Elizabeth, what happened to my audiobook?”

I probably should have blogged about this before the previous release date came and went. Oops. I’m so sorry if there was any confusion! The audiobooks for the Elemental Mysteries/World have NOT been cancelled, only delayed. We’re still working on making the recordings the best they can be for you guys. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

So, delayed yes, but not cancelled. And since both Audible and Dina Pearlman, the narrator for the books, are dedicated to making these audiobooks the best performance possible, I can’t really complain! As soon as I have a new date for you all, I will let you know!

Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you’re looking forward to the final product as much as I am!

Thanks for patience, Elizabeth

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