Reading Watching Listening: Extra Long Summer Fun Edition


Beach read! (Literally. It takes place AT the beach. Surfers. Mmmm…)


Summer beach reads! I have two contemporary romance authors (three, technically) to recommend to you for fun summer beach reads. Yay!

The first is the writing duo of Steph Campbell and Elizabeth Reinhardt. (Full disclosure, I’m good friends with both these gals.) Liz and Steph write mostly contemporary romance, and their books are very fun and perfect for vacation. Limits is the next book in the Lengths trilogy, and that will be out in the next week or so, but in the meantime, you can catch up with Lengths and Depths. Fair warning, ladies, keep your hands to yourself with Cohen in Depths. He’s MY book boyfriend, and I’m not in a sharing mood.


Look! I liked something pink!

The second is Cora Carmack. Her first book, Losing It, hit the NYT Bestseller list, so she’s kind of a big deal now. 😉 Luckily, she’s still a very cool chick and her second book, Faking It just released last week. These are laugh out loud funny romances, you guys. But they also ring true. I like wit, but I also like emotional depth, and these books have both. The characters feel very real. So… deliciously awkward situations with snappy dialogue? Yes, please. I highly recommend both.

Not swooning. Not swoon--okay, swooning.

Not swooning. Not swoon–okay, swooning.


Television: I loooove a good psychological mystery, and it’s hard to beat the BBC for that. One of my favorite shows years ago was Wire in the Blood with Robson Green. (I think you can catch the whole series on Netflix. Warning: It’s VERY dark.) In the same tradition of strong, character-driven mysteries comes Luther. This show is brilliant. The writing is smart and layered. The acting is top notch. Idris Elba is… visceral in the leading role. He’s so, so good. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend them.



Movies: I just saw Ironman 3. It got mixed reviews, and I’m not sure why. I really liked it. I thought it was narratively strong, particularly as the final film in the Ironman trilogy, and the action and dialogue were balanced and sharp. Knowing my weakness for lovable smart-asses, you can probably guess how much I love RDJ as Tony Stark. (It’s a weakness I won’t apologize for. I would totally fangirl in real life.) Is Ironman still my favorite Avenger? YES.


If you’re looking for a folk/rock sound, I highly recommend Lord Huron. I saw them when they opened for Monsters and Men last winter, then I saw them at Coachella. In a long weekend, they were one of the most memorable acts. I think you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them. Their album is Lonesome Dreams, and “She Lit a Fire” and “Ends of the Earth” are two stand-outs for me.



And if you’re looking for something a little (okay, a lot) harder, SAVAGES!!! A London based punk band I also caught at Coachella, they were amazing live, and their first album, Silence Yourself, just released in May. They’ve got a lot of buzz, and in my opinion, it’s well-deserved.

My fictional girl band will NEVER be as cool as these girls...

My fictional girl band will NEVER be as cool as these girls…

That’s what I’m reading, watching, and listening. What are you up to this summer?

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