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Shifting Dreams coverI’m running a Mother’s Day sale on SHIFTING DREAMS through Sunday only. For today and tomorrow, it is marked down to $1.99, so if you have been wanting to pick it up and haven’t, now would be the time!

17315638New Release Stuff: Blood and Sand ARCs have gone out to reviewers, so of course, I’ll be nauseous until those first reviews come back. To new and aspiring writers: Those nerves? I don’t think they ever go away. This is my ninth book and they’re still there. Maybe someday I’ll have full and complete confidence in a book, but maybe by then, I won’t care enough to still be writing and worrying about making it the best it can be. Who knows? It’s a double-edged sword. BLOOD AND SAND is available for preorder on Amazon HERE and it will be out on May 28th.

7c52a8f3cb4d452d96212579456fa8cdTravel stuff: Istanbul! I’m going. Tickets have been bought (ouch!), hotel has been reserved, and the first book in the project has been outlined. I’m really really excited about this project. I started a Pinterest board for it HERE. It’s going to be a trilogy, for sure, but like the Elemental World, I can see this being a universe that I can branch out in. There are no vampires. No shapeshifters. This is something—dare I say it?—new. Not completely new (nothing is completely new), but it’s a very different take. We’ll see how it goes over. For now, I’m incredibly excited about it. Creative juices are flowing, and I’m already writing. I know I’ll have to go back and revise a lot for description, mood, etc. after I go to Turkey, but I’m dying to get the plot done NOW.

Series Stuff: As for future work in the Elemental World, after Blood and Sand comes out, I think I truly am taking a break for a bit, though I still have a lot planned. (DON’T PANIC.) I’ll have the second short story in Cambio Springs out this summer, then start writing Ted and Alex’s story in the fall. It’s a desert book. I need hot, dry weather to write it. I can confess to being a bit of a creative diva at times, and this is one. I’m also probably insane for wanting to juggle three series, but as least you know things will stay fresh.

Website Stuff: I’m also tossing around ideas for a pretty major website overhaul. I do NOT have a blog/website designer or administrator, so I’m struggling to keep things up to date on two blogs and not doing very well. I’m in a unique situation where this blog, which I’ve had the longest, actually has fewer subscribers and activity than the fan site ElementalMysteries.com. So, I’m thinking about how I could combine them, since I’m writing a lot more than just the Elemental stuff these days, and I know there are readers who want to keep up with ALL OF THE THINGS. But it’s just too much for me to juggle. So, there may be renovations happening soon. Until then, I’ll just have to do better keeping things up to date and current.

Hope this rather massive blog post answers some questions for you and lets you know what I’ve been up to. It’s a busy spring and SmallBoy is almost out of school for the summer! Amazing how time flies.

All the best,


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  1. I’m still a fan on this website! It must be really time consuming though doing everything, sure you’ll manage to come up with something cool that will combine it all for you. I’m very excited about your Istanbul series, is it going to be paranormal? Not that it makes a difference as everything you write is fantastic but just wondering. I saw the pinterest board earlier today and it looks so cool, sure you’ll take some amazing pictures too.

  2. I just pre-ordered Blood & Sand, and I’m looking forward to living vicariously through your trip to Istanbul! Be safe & have a blast!

  3. What? No vampires in Istanbul? I was sure I saw some last time (in my dreams)I was there :)! I’m sure this new series will be wonderful though, even without vampires…

  4. Blood and Sand is awesome, even taking into account the bias I have because I love you to bits, it’s still awesome. *glom*
    Can’t wait to see what comes out of Istanbul! Prepare for brain licking because I’m sure I’ll run out of spit. (I just realised how creeptastic that sounds, heeehehehe)

  5. My teenage son is very excited about the new release. He thinks you will have “an amazing summer.” He also suggested you check out the Templars. “Really mom, she should check out the rich religious history in Istanbul.” He is such a fan.

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