Yikes! It’s been a month…


I’m going here!

…since I posted anything on here, you guys! So sorry. So much happening, so let me give you a quick round-up of news:


I’ve had to pull out of Book Bash for scheduling reasons. For those of you I was hoping to meet, I am SO sorry, but as my time for kid-free travel is very limited, I have to prioritize. I am scheduled for a research trip to Istanbul this June/July for a new series (that I’m not going to tell you anything about, so don’t ask, my lovelies) so the Orlando signing had to go. 🙁 RT in Kansas City and SFINE in San Francisco are still a go, and I hope to see some of you there!

2. Audible editions

I don’t know when they’ll be ready, but I’m working on finding out. I’ll let you know when I do!

Shifting Dreams cover3. Shifting Dreams: Cambio Springs Book One

You guys are awesome! What a great release. Thank you so much for all your support, and I’m thrilled you like the new book. I had a ton of fun writing it, so I’m so pleased that you guys seem to be enjoying the book and are excited about the upcoming series. Thanks for all your reviews, tweets, e-mails, and other notes letting me know your thoughts.

173156384. Blood and Sand: Elemental World Book Two

VERY exciting news about Baojia’s book. One, the first chapter is available for everyone to read HERE. And even more exciting, the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon! If you order it today, it will be delivered to your Kindle or Kindle app on MAY 28. That’s right, only a couple months away.

5. Holy cow, taxes are high. (Can you tell what I’ve been doing the last week?)

Really, that’s not important to you guys, I just wanted to have five things instead of four, because I have that weirdness about even numbers. Please note, I never claimed to be normal.

Have an amazing weekend and I’ll try to be better about updating the blog. I know, I’m such a slacker. 😉

Thanks for reading,


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