Release Day for Shifting Dreams!

Shifting Dreams coverToday is the official release day for Shifting Dreams: A Cambio Springs Mystery!

I have a few links for you, including sales links (of course!):

Barnes & Noble

As for iBooks and Sony and a few others, I’m just waiting on the extended distribution for those. Because those sites don’t have a direct publishing platform, it takes just a little longer.

Here’s also a link to a great interview I did over at She Wolf Reads about the book and the future of the series (for those who might be wondering). Great questions! I had a lot of fun with this interview.

There are a few giveaways happening around on various book blogs if you poke around. (I’ve linked to quite a few on Twitter and Facebook.) But let’s hear what reviewers are saying about the first book in the Cambio Springs series:

 “This was an excellent novel with all the things that make great novels. The writing was excellent, the story was compelling, the characters were interesting and the mystery revolved around the romance (or maybe vice versa).”

—Doug C. Meeks

“[Hunter’s] books are different and entertaining and also get a little hot. Well ok, a lot of hot. And SHIFTING DREAMS is no different. It has everything I want in a book and to me I thought it was absolute perfection. I got a great mystery that wasn’t easy to solve, a romance that took its time building up, and an array of characters that could easily keep this series going for a while. Oh yes, lots of hidden stories just waiting to be told.”

—I Read Indie

“Take a simple contemporary plot, add a pinch of paranormal, sprinkle with insightful, down-to-earth, wry characters, mix with a murder mystery, shake vigorously and enjoy Cambio Springs! ”

—Nocturnal Book Reviews

So, there you have it! I hope you’ll give Shifting Dreams a read and, when you get the chance, leave an honest review wherever you bought the book. I do NOT have paperback news at the moment, but I’ll post again when I do. The paperback is in the works now, and it’s going to be beautiful, but I’m waiting on a few details before it’s ready to go.

Thanks in advance for an awesome release day!


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  1. Oh happy days! I’ve been counting down the days for a week for this day & checked amazon constantly to see when it was available (your writing turns me a little crazy I’m ashamed to say) and I’ve just this minute finished it. Oh wow …. I’m kind if speechless, how d’you do it? I just know you’re one very gifted lady. It was a gorgeous book, so different to elemental but so similar, a bit like ice cream, different flavour but that same fab quality of a favourite brand. The characters are lovely and warmed my heart. Anyway I’ll stop filling your blog now with my happy dance nonsense!

    Oh and Baojia eeeek…. Haven’t got words yet, lets just say I’m a happy girl 🙂

    Will leave a review on amazon when I’ve stopped babbling! Thanks for being such an awesome writer!!!!

  2. Hurrah!! Congratulations bb. I know it’s going to do fantastically well, mainly because it’s fantastically awesome 🙂 hehehe.

  3. Just finished reading CS, and loved it! AND loved the teaser from Blood and sand after! Thanks so much Elizabeth@

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