Free Elemental World Novella and a Cambio Springs teaser

How long has it been since I’ve posted? Embarrassingly long, I’m afraid. Just a couple quick things.

One, if you’ve missed it, I’m posting a free novella in serial form over on called Waterlocked. It’s a standalone in the Elemental World series, so check it out if you like my paranormal romance. There are two chapters and a prologue up now, and I’m posting every Monday.

Two, I’m hitting the editing on the first Cambio Springs novel hard this month, so wish me luck. I offered to post a teaser over on the Facebook page, so here it is! Just a quick peek into Jena and Caleb’s first meeting. (Jena is the character introduced in Long Ride Home, the short story that is up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.)

I’m looking at a winter release for this book, probably February/March of 2013. Still no official title, but I’ll keep you guys updated.


The band had just switched to something more mellow. Perfect. Caleb pulled her toward the dance floor where several other couples were already swaying and took her in his arms, placing one hand at her waist. Just right. He liked the curve of her hip under his rough hand. It felt… nice. Comfortable and hot at the same time. She was tall for a woman, five nine at least, and he barely had to look down at her to meet her eyes, which was unusual for someone over six feet.

“So, you’re from Indio?” she asked.

“No.” He wasn’t sure he wanted to talk or just dance, but she was quick, too. And Caleb liked smart women, the flirting was much more fun.

“Aren’t you the talkative one?”

He gave her a sly grin. “Sometimes.”

Jena shook her head. “I bet you barely have to talk to the girls with that smile, cowboy.”

“Why ‘cowboy?’”

“Boots and attitude. You can always tell a man by his boots. You’re not an office kind of guy, I can tell. I’d even bet you’ve got a hat hanging around somewhere.”

He nodded. “You could say that.”

“So, just passing through?”

“You could say that, too.” It was mostly correct. At least, for tonight. “And I left my hat in the car. My mom would skin me alive if I wore it inside.” She’d skin him alive for a lot of things, lately.

“Good. I’ve had a tempestuous relationship with hats today.”

“Now that’s a statement that begs a story.”

She shrugged and leaned a little closer. “Maybe, but it’s not one I feel like telling tonight.”

Caleb pulled her to his chest. “What do you feel like doing tonight?” No way in the world could he be that lucky.

A slow smile spread over Jena’s face. “Dancing.”

He smiled back. “We’re already doing that.”

“And maybe kissing a cute cowboy who’s passing through.”

Well, well. He wasn’t going to complain about that. Caleb looked around the bar. “Hold on, let me see if I can find one for you.”

Jena laughed and pulled him away from the dance floor. The band had switched to something loud and pounding and the crowd rose to its feet. Caleb followed her as she pulled him down a corridor, teasing his hands along the sliver of skin at her waist as she pushed him past the restrooms and out the back door of the bar.

He was laughing. She was laughing. Then suddenly, Jena put her hands over her face and shook her head. “What am I doing?” she groaned. “I do not do this kind of thing.”

She was still smiling, so Caleb grabbed her hands away from her face and pulled her in front of him, leaning against the back wall of the bar as the half-moon shone down on them.

“Hey,” he said. “There’s no kind of thing. No pressure. You’re fun, Jena, and I don’t expect anything. Dancing with you was the highlight of the night. And the band was getting kind of loud. If we just hang out here and talk, that’s fine by me.” He really did want to kiss her, though. He’d bet a month of the meager police chief’s salary he’d agreed to that she was a great kisser.

She was shaking her head. “I’m being silly.”

“So keep being silly.” He drew her closer, looping a finger through the waistband of those ought-to-be-illegal jeans. He spread his legs and leaned back until they were almost eye to eye. “Kiss a lonely cowboy.”

Jena finally smiled again. “You don’t have a hat.”

“It’s all about the boots, remember?” He slowly drew her in. Her eyes weren’t telling him to stop. Neither were her hands, which had come to rest on his shoulders. “Boots and attitude.”

She nodded, tilting her face up to his. “You got it.”

“Yeah. I do.” He took one finger and lifted her chin, angling his lips down over hers.


Hope you enjoyed the little teaser! I’ll be back next week with a writing post.

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  1. I love it!! But then , there is no surprise there since I own and love all the books you have out… so hurry up already so I can get my hands of this one too!!!

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